BFA Apply

  • Application and Financial Aid Deadlines

    Application Deadlines

    • Spring Term (Transfer Students Only): October 15
    • Fall Term Early Action: November 1
    • Fall Term Regular Decision: January 15

    Financial Aid Deadlines

    Merit Scholarships:
    All admitted students are considered for merit scholarship awards determined by the strength of their applications. Scholarship awards are included in applicants’ admission decision letters. International students are eligible only for merit scholarships.

    Federal Student Aid:
    If you are a U.S. citizen or eligible non-citizen, we encourage you to complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), which can be found at www.fafsa.gov. The FAFSA is available each year on October 1. The New School’s federal school code is 002780. You do not need to wait for an admission decision to apply for federal aid. Submit your FAFSA by our FAFSA Priority Deadlines below.

    • Fall: February 1
    • Spring: November 1

    Application Instructions

    All applicants are required to apply online. Save your work frequently and print a copy for your records. You must complete all required fields and uploads prior to submission.

    Any additional supporting documents that need to be sent by mail must include an Application Materials Cover Sheet. All supporting materials must be received before your application can be reviewed.

    See below for additional information regarding submission of transcripts and recommendations. Some of your required materials will be submitted through Acceptd:

    Required Application Materials


    Complete the Common Application.

    Application Fee

    Application fees are $50 for U.S. domestic applicants, and $75 for international applicants. Application fees are paid through the Common Application and are non-refundable. There is also a $30 submission fee paid through Acceptd.

    Official Transcripts

    All applicants must provide official high school and/or college transcripts. If you are currently in school, submit transcripts for all coursework taken to date. Applicants who have attended multiple high schools may submit only the graduating school’s official transcript as long as all prior coursework is reflected on that transcript.

    Transfer Applicants

    Transfer applicants who have completed fewer than 24 college credits (on a semester system) must submit high school transcript(s) in addition to college transcripts. The School of Drama BFA will accept up to 30 transfer credits. A transfer credit evaluation (TCE) will be completed once all official transcripts are received. Accepted students can request a consultation with the Associate Director of Drama regarding the acceptance and allocation of transfer credit and plan of study.

    By Mail

    Official transcripts should have an original signature or a raised university seal, and must be in a sealed envelope that has been signed or stamped by the issuing university’s registrar or records office. Applicants may send official transcripts with an Application Materials Cover Sheet, or applicants can request that institutions send transcripts directly to The New School. See “Mailing Address for Supplemental Materials” for mailing address in the Additional Instructions and Information section below.

    Electronic Transcripts (U.S./Domestic Institutions Only)

    The New School accepts electronic transcripts only from our approved vendors. The New School’s approved vendors, in order of preference, are

    • Naviance
    • Parchment Exchange
    • SCRIP-SAFE International
    • National Student Clearinghouse

    We do not accept electronic transcripts sent directly by a student or school offices. Note: All international academic credentials must be submitted as indicated in the International Academic Credentials sections below.

    High School Equivalency

    For GED, TASC, and HiSET, send official test score results via postal mail.


    Homeschool applicants must provide the equivalent of a high school transcript with course or subject titles, duration of study for each title, content of study for each title, and an assessment of performance or “grade” at the time of application. Preferably, the courses completed at home are part of a curriculum developed and evaluated by a nationally recognized diploma-granting organization or agency. Review the Test Scores section Additional Information and Instructions for Homeschool Applicants below for standardized test requirements and more information.

    International Academic Credentials

    Transcripts not written in English must be accompanied by a certified English translation.

    International Academic Credentials with Transfer Credits

    Applicants who attended postsecondary institutions outside of the United States are required to have their transcript(s) evaluated by World Education Services (WES) or by another member of the National Association of Credit Evaluation Services (NACES). A course-by-course evaluation must be prepared for each transcript. In the absence of an evaluation, the Admission Committee will do its best to render a decision. Please note: In some cases, a review cannot be made without an evaluation, and a committee decision will be delayed.

    If using WES, visit www.wes.org for instructions and to begin the application process. The “Required Documents” section will explain what to send. If you request your report online, search for “The New School” when selecting our institution. WES will send your completed evaluation directly to The New School.

    If using another NACES provider, follow instructions for that provider. Mailed evaluations and translations should be sent to the mailing address provided for supporting materials. Applicants forwarding these sealed documents should include an Application Materials Cover Sheet.

    Recommendation Letter

    One letter of recommendation related to your academic experience is required. Recommenders may submit recommendations online, and instructions are included with the online application. If preferred, the recommendation form may instead be sent by mail in a signed, sealed envelope. To send by mail, download the PDF recommendation form found in the online application, complete personal information, save the form, and forward to recommender for completion and submission. Applicants may also send signed and sealed recommendations to the Office of Admission using an Application Materials Cover Sheet.


    Why The New School?

    The New School brings together a dynamic group of students interested in art, design, performing arts, entrepreneurship, and critical thought. We would like to know more about your interest in joining our community and why you would be a good fit for The New School. We are particularly interested in knowing why you have applied to a specific school, college, program, area of study, or campus. This essay will be submitted through the Common App. (500-650 words)

    Artist as Citizen

    Describe what it means to you to be an artist and a member of society. How do your life experiences and your interactions with the world around you inspire and influence you to be both an engaged member of society and an artist? This essay will be submitted through Acceptd. (Minimum 250 words)

    Acceptd Submissions

    These elements of the application will be submitted directly through Acceptd.


    We ask that all applicants upload a photograph. The picture need not be an actor’s head shot (though it may be, if you have one); a simple photograph of you will be fine.

    One-Minute Video

    All applicants must submit a one‐minute video of you being yourself. There are no rules beyond this—just a one-­minute video of you being you. Have fun.

    Résumé (optional)

    The résumé is optional for BFA applicants. The Admission Committee will be looking for dramatic arts experience, working experience, volunteering experience, leadership experience, and awards and honors. This is an opportunity to highlight any civic engagement or community service, leadership, or additional training in which you have participated. You may write this portion as an essay if you prefer. (Maximum 500 words.)

    Artistic Portfolio

    All applicants must complete at least one portfolio submission. You can choose to submit any combination of acting, directing, playwriting, dramaturgy, or creative technology work, so long as you submit the minimum requirements for at least one portfolio type below:

    Acting Portfolio

    • A video of you performing one contemporary monologue, 1-2 minutes in length. Please introduce yourself and your piece before you begin.

    Playwriting Portfolio

    All files must be submitted as PDFs.

    • An original one-act or full-length play (20-60 minutes), or two original ten-minute plays.
    • An original prose piece (fiction, nonfiction, or memoir).

    Directing Portfolio

    • An essay describing your directing process for a specific production, from vision to execution. (Maximum 500 words)
    • Materials related to the production described in your essay. Please include production photographs, excerpts from your director’s notebook or promptbook, script notes or thematic essays, scheduling and administrative materials, and research. Up to 25 files can be uploaded.

    Creative Technologies Portfolio

    • A portfolio of your creative work. It can include research, documentation, video files, samples of your design work, administrative materials, and photographic or visual artwork. If you have done any work in time-based media (film/video, sound, animation, etc.), please be sure to include those examples here. Up to 25 files can be uploaded.
    • An essay describing your creative process for any one specific project from your portfolio, from concept to execution. (Maximum 500 words)

    Dramaturgy Portfolio

    All files must be submitted as PDFs.

    • One academic paper based on any piece of dramatic literature and one academic paper based on any topic related to history, society, and/or current events. Each academic paper should showcase your ability to present a thesis, support your argument, and cite sources. Each paper should be two to four pages in length, not including a separate works cited page.


    Once you have submitted your complete School of Drama Application (an online application and an Acceptd submission), you will be contacted to schedule an audition or interview for our BFA program via Acceptd. Actors will be asked to prepare a one-minute contemporary monologue. All applicants should be prepared to talk about their artistic and academic goals. Playwrights, Directors, Creative Technologists, and Dramaturgs are encouraged to interview via Skype.

    Test Scores

    SAT and ACT

    The New School does not require submission of SAT or ACT scores for applications to be considered complete. Should you feel your SAT or ACT test scores are beneficial to your application, you may submit them for our consideration. Homeschool applicants must submit standardized test scores from either the SAT or the ACT. Homeschool applicants may submit two standardized subject test results in lieu of the SAT. The institution code for these tests is 2828.


    All applicants whose first language is not English must submit valid TOEFL, IELTS, or PTE scores. The minimum score required for TOEFL (IB) is 100, for IELTS is 7.0, and for PTE is 68. Our TOEFL institution code is 2385.

    The New School does not require TOEFL, IELTS, or PTE scores for applicants:

    • Who have attended a secondary school for a minimum of three years where English is the primary language of instruction
    • Who have successfully completed two full semesters of non-ESL college-level expository writing
    • Who have earned a four-year degree from a U.S. college/university or from a university where English is the primary language of instruction (minimum of three years attendance)

    Upon review of your application the Office of Admission may require you to submit an English Language Proficiency test score to further evaluate your candidacy.

    Arrange for the testing service to send your test scores directly to The New School using the institution codes listed above. We accept scores taken within the past two years. If your scores are older, you must retake the test.

    For more information, visit TOEFL, IELTS, or PTE.

    Additional Information and Instructions

    Applying to More Than One Program

    In any given term, a student can apply to only one department or program within The New School. Applicants who file more than one application in a given semester will be required to withdraw one of the applications, and application fees will not be refunded.

    Application Materials

    All materials submitted in association with The New School application become the property of The New School and cannot be returned to you or transmitted to a third party.

    Advanced-Level Credit

    AP, IB, and A-Level Courses: Accepted applicants will receive further instructions later in the process regarding AP, IB, and A-Level scores.

    Homeschool Applicants

    The New School welcomes applications from homeschool students. The Admission Committee does not require advanced preparation in every academic area, but applicants should demonstrate substantial work in English, history, social studies, foreign language, mathematics, and science. Review the Test Scores and Official Transcripts sections above for standardized test and transcript requirements. Upon completion of the homeschool curriculum students must provide proof of high school graduation or an equivalent. We will accept an official transcript from a state homeschool association or sponsoring public high school; GED, TASC, or HiSET exam results; individual homeschool transcripts with date of completion; and certificates of completion recognized by local homeschool associations.


    The Application for Readmission should be completed by students who wish to return after an absence of four semesters (fall and spring). If you would like to apply for readmission, review the readmission deadlines and requirements in the Readmission section of our How to Apply information. If you have enrolled at another institution since you were enrolled at The New School, you should apply for admission as a transfer student according to the instructions outlined above.

    Application Status

    Applications become complete and ready for review once all required items have been received by the Office of Admission. You can check your application status online at the Admission Hub.

    Allow at least 14 days from the date you submitted your application for items to be matched and shown as received on the Hub. Applicants are responsible for following up with schools and recommenders to confirm that items have been sent.

    The Office of Admission will periodically notify applicants by email if their file is missing any documents and again when their file is complete for review. These notifications are sent to the email address provided in the online application.

    Mailing Address for Supplemental Materials

    School of Drama
    Office of Admission (DR 100)
    79 Fifth Avenue, 5th floor
    New York, NY 10003