Educational Values and Learning Objectives

  • Creativity and Courage

    Creativity allows us to imagine innovative artistic responses to circumstances and ideas—and use different techniques to solve problems. Courage gives us space to take intellectual and creative risks, accepting failure as part of the creative process.

    Collaborative Practice and Communication

    Collaboration and communication foster both positive interdependence and individual accountability. Both are rooted in the ability to listen actively and express oneself clearly and with intention in spoken, written, non-verbal, visual, and performative domains. 

    Critical Thinking and Reflection

    Critical thinking and reflection enable us to interpret and evaluate information from multiple perspectives—and to analyze, judge, define, question, organize, and prioritize information.  

    Civic Engagement and Global Perspective

    Being a citizen-student means collaborating with diverse individuals, organizations, and communities inside and outside of the university setting, respecting your own and others' personal and cultural histories. 

    Integrative and Interdisciplinary Profiles

    The increasing complexities of modern culture—and the challenges of non-linear career trajectories—require that we be able to think, research, and communicate across disciplines.