• playwriting

    School of Drama's playwriting program prepares a select group of students for professional careers as skilled dramatic writers in theater, film and television. We believe that a complete and relevant playwriting education requires rigorous attention to craft and artistic exploration as well as consistent opportunities to develop those skills through presentations and productions. We do not impose an aesthetic upon playwrights; instead we nurture and strengthen each writer's voice and vision through intensive analysis of dramatic elements and sustained collaborations with a company of fellow writers, directors, and actors.

    During three years of training, the playwright builds a portfolio of produced pieces including 10-minute plays, one-acts, full-lengths, and a fully produced 90 minute play for an audience of industry professionals. Each playwright also completes a screenplay, an original television pilot and writes a short film which is produced in the final semester.

    Writing instructors at Drama are some of the most highly accomplished dramatists in the country, with extensive expertise across all media and first-hand knowledge of the current professional landscape. Our award-winning alumni work regularly in theater, film, television and emerging media.  

    As with the other departments at School of Drama, the Playwriting Program is strongly committed to the exploration of emotional and behavioral truth, to an awareness and understanding of the range and depth of human experiences, and to pursuing those truths through inventive theatricality. Because we believe that the best theater emerges from an intelligent and passionate fusion of writing, directing, and acting, we are committed to the art and skills of collaboration and are the only MFA program that integrates a regular, ongoing class with actors, writers, and directors through all six semesters.