Supporting Drama

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    With a faculty made up of some of the finest, most experienced theater professionals in the country and a facility in Greenwich Village, The New School for Drama has established a vibrant home for the training of 21st-century actors, directors, writers, and theater innovators. The program not only explores a wide range of theatrical styles, forms and traditions and significant performance and production opportunities, but also addresses the practical challenges of creating theater companies and self-producing—skills essential to sustaining a career in the arts.

    We’ve achieved a remarkable transformation over the past few years, increasing our applicant pool, reducing admissions, and raising the quality of the training. Looking forward, I am confident that our reputation for excellence and innovation can only grow as we continue to graduate new generations of outstanding theater artists.

    In order for us to achieve our ambitious and, I believe, critical goals, we need to increase our fundraising efforts. Please take the time to make a donation to the New School for Drama Annual Fund. Your assistance is absolutely vital to our future. And I invite you to check in, drop by, see what we’re doing way over here on the end of Bank Street.

    Very best regards,

    Pippin Parker, Director
    The New School for Drama