Information On The Coronavirus

Recent Updates: The New School has released its academic plan for 2020-21 and a phased reopening plan for its New York campus. Please check the Parsons Paris website for information about our Paris campus. Learn more.

  • Updated October 2, 2020: Workforce Reduction FAQ resource added.
    Updated September 8, 2020: COVID-19 Frequently Asked Questions
    Updated July, 29, 2020: New "Remote Work Policy" section added. COVID-19 Remote Work Policy resource added.
    Updated July 28, 2020: New "Return to Campus" Section added. Includes Return to Campus PlanStatement of Shared Responsibility and Acknowledgment of Unique Circumstances document and COVID-19 Training.
    Updated July 21, 2020: COVID-19 Health and Safety page resource added.
    Updated April 24, 2020: New "Employee Resources" section added.
    Updated April 4, 2020: New information on  Benefit updates as a result of the CARES Act and Sick and Paid Family Leave.

    Dear Colleagues:

    We are sharing the following HR guidance related to the ongoing Coronavirus:

    Return to Campus

    The University has prepared to gradually phase-in in-person activities beginning in fall 2020.  There will be a limited number of in-person programs and services, requiring a subset of students and employees to maintain a physical presence on campus. Please view this document for our detailed Return to Campus Plan. If you will be present on-campus you must read and understand the Statement of Shared Responsibility and Acknowledgement of Unique Circumstances.

    We have compiled a list of COVID-19 Frequently Asked Questions as they pertain to the return to campus.

    If you will be returning to campus, you must complete this online COVID-19 Training. Additionally, you must complete the MHealth Coach daily tracking web enabled form each day, prior to coming to campus. For more information on this please see our Return to Campus Plan, section I: Who Will be On Campus In Fall 2020.

    Remote Work Policy

    In order to continue promoting the health, safety and convenience of our employees and their communities, the University will continue to permit certain non-essential employees to work remotely.  This is an evolving situation, and at the moment, we expect this remote work arrangement will last through at least December 31, 2020. Please review the COVID-19 Remote Work Policy. This Policy is intended to replace The New School’s “FLEXIBLE AND TELEWORK ARRANGEMENTS POLICY” as published in the Institutional Policies and Procedures Manual until further notice

    Employee Resources

    On April 24, 2020, President McBride and Board of Trustees Chair Linda Rappaport issued an "Important Community Update on the Impact of COVID-19". Many  questions that faculty and staff may have are addressed in the accompanying document titled "FAQs - Impact of COVID-19". In addition, we have compiled a list Unemployment, Financial, Social Services and other resources that are available in the New York metropolitan area, which you can find at here. We hope you find these resources to be useful to you and your families.

    The health and safety of our community and the neighbors with whom we interact is our top priority. Please visit the COVID-19 Health and Safety page for more information on our approach and guidelines.

    Work Schedules and Operations

    • As in any extraordinary situation, we expect to continue operating and providing services to members of the campus community.
    • Employees are therefore expected to be available and working during normal or modified work hours either in-person or remotely, as approved by your manager or supervisor.
    • For more information about working remotely, please view this document linked here which is intended for employees and managers.

    Employee Designations

    • Essential Employees: Essential employees are those employees who have been designated as “essential” and whose presence is required on campus to provide health and safety services. This includes certain employees in Buildings, Campus Safety, Enrollment and Success, Residence Halls, and a small number of other areas. Employees with questions about their designation as essential should contact their supervisor or manager.
    • Other Than Essential Employees: Other than employees designated as essential, some employees may be required to be on campus in order to perform their jobs. These employees will be notified of any such requirement by their supervisor or manager.
    • All Employees: All employees, whether working on campus or remotely, are expected to be available during assigned work hours in order to perform their duties. As always, employees who are ill, or who are caring for family members or other dependents who are ill, should reach out to or call 212-229-5671 x 4942 for guidance on available leave types.

    Pay Practices

    So long as employees continue working, whether on site or remotely, our standard pay practices will continue.

    • Hourly employees (including student workers) must continue to submit time entries in MyDay reflecting their regularly scheduled weekly hours.
    • Employees who are available to work but not able to do so because of building closures or other limitations should speak with their supervisors about submitting Emergency Closure time for their scheduled work hours.
    • Supervisors must continue to approve time submissions in MyDay in line with normal deadlines and practices.

    Leave Practices

    • Any employees on pre-approved vacations or leaves must account for their absences in MyDay.
    • Employees who wish to submit requests for vacation or other personal time off during this time may continue to do so in MyDay.
    • For more information about Sick and Paid Family Leave, please review this document linked here.
    • For more information about Emergency Closing Time, please review this document linked here.
    • FWS students should not use the Emergency Closure time type. Instead, they should submit their timesheets claiming their scheduled work hours as usual. FWS students will be paid for their hours up to the amount of their award.


    • Important Benefit updates as a result of the Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Security (CARES) Act can be viewed here.

    Any employees with questions should contact their supervisor or manager.

    We deeply appreciate the understanding and flexibility of everyone in our community during this difficult and rapidly changing time

    For the latest and most comprehensive information from The New School, visit

    With warm regards,
    Jerry Cutler
    Chief Legal and Human Resources Officer