• BA/BFA Program

    The U.S. higher education system presents young people interested in both musical performance and the liberal arts with a difficult choice. They can either develop their musical abilities in a conservatory-type college, where professional study inevitably takes precedence over liberal arts education, or they can attend a traditional liberal arts college, where course offerings in music fall far short of the requirements for a career in music.

    The School for Jazz at The New School and Eugene Lang College of Liberal Arts have created a five-year curriculum in which students simultaneously complete two degrees: the professional BFA and the liberal arts BA. The BA/BFA program also draws upon the resources of the Schools of Public Engagement. The double-degree program requires 90 credits of liberal arts education and 90 credits of professional music study. Students in this five-year program complete both a full music and a full liberal arts curriculum, preparing for direct entry into the music field or for graduate study in areas such as law, business, and the humanities. Students interested in pursuing the double-degree option should request applications for both Eugene Lang College and the School of Jazz.

    To complete the combined five-year BA/BFA program, a student must earn a total of 180 credits: 90 credits of studio work and 90 liberal arts credits.

    New School Jazz courses: To fulfill the BFA component, students must complete or test out of requirements in the following areas: theory, theory and performance, ear training, piano, rhythmic analysis, sight-reading, arranging, and instrumental proficiency. Along with the necessary 90 studio credits, passing of the sophomore jury and performance of a senior recital are also required.

    Lang College courses: To fulfill the BA component, students must take at least one Lang course each semester, completing a minimum of 44 credits (or 11 courses). The remaining liberal arts credits may be taken at Lang, at Jazz (in music history), or in other colleges of The New School. In addition, students must fulfill all requirements for a path of study and a Senior Experience at Lang.

    Transfer credit: Transferability of credits from other colleges toward the BA degree is determined by the Lang Office of Admission and toward the BFA degree by the New School Jazz Office of Admission.

    Bachelor-Masters Program

    Current sophomores in the BFA Jazz and Contemporary Music and BM in Orchestral Instruments at Mannes School of Music are able to pursue a combined dual degree in Arts Management and Entrepreneurship. Students who apply and are accepted into the dual degree program can complete both their current undergraduate (BFA or BM) degree and graduate degree (MA in Arts Management and Entrepreneurship) in five years.

    Applications are being accepted from rising sophomores in BFA and BM programs with a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.8, who demonstrate skill and capacity in the performing arts and entrepreneurial vision. Students will work closely with an advisor to complete requirements for both degree programs by the end of their fifth year. The application deadline for the Fall 2018 semester is February 1, 2018. Students will be notified of their acceptance by April 1, 2018.

    To apply, complete the online application and upload application requirements by February 1, 2018.

    • Unofficial DegreeWorks Transcript
    • Writing Samples
      • Statement of Purpose/Artist Statement: In approximately 500 words, explain why you have decided to apply to the MA in Arts Management and Entrepreneurship at The New School’s College of Performing Arts. Briefly describe your artistic, professional, and academic accomplishments. How will this program help you meet your professional and artistic goals? Finally, please include anything else you think is relevant for the Admission Committee to know.
      • Essay: What does it mean to be a performing artist in the 21st Century? Discuss how you will address potential challenges presented by a constantly changing artistic landscape. What opportunities exist? How will you leverage these opportunities?
    • Artist Portfolio
      • The portfolio must be completed in Acceptd only. Submit a portfolio of up to twenty items that demonstrates your work and experience which make you an excellent candidate for the MA in Arts Management and Entrepreneurship. These items may include video or audio files of live performances, audio files of studio recordings, drawings, scenarios, research outcomes, photography, video clips, websites, blog URLs, essays, or examples of your work in other formats that you feel best convey your work and process. Please include a brief description of each project, along with its title and date of completion. Also, provide an outline of your specific role in any team-based project. If you have dynamic media or other time-based work, you can also upload it using Acceptd.