Music Industry Internship Program

  • Launch Your Career

    Why wait to launch your career until you graduate? Start performing and making connections now in one of the world’s great centers for Jazz – New York City.

    We offer NYC’s largest music industry internship program. Our students have interned at organizations such as The Mingus Foundation, EMI/Blue Note Records, Nonesuch Records, Jazz at Lincoln Center, ASCAP, VH1 Save-the-Music, The Bunker Studio, Chelsea Music Festival, Le Poisson Rouge, The Jazz Gallery, and others.

    Our gig office can also give you a start at becoming your own entrepreneur. We list an enormous range of performance opportunities and will help you learn to market yourself as a performer.

    Make connections with the music industry, with working professionals, and with your fellow students in the cultural capital of the world.

  • What is an internship?

    An internship is a fun and exciting way to get on-the-job training in the music field of your choice. Like a part-time job, you do substantive work directly for a supervisor in a professional setting, providing you with skills and insight into the music industry. Internships are a great way to identify and explore prospective employment that can supplement your career as a musician. While most internships are unpaid, the internships you do while here at The New School will help you to:

    • Gain marketable skills
    • Build your résumé
    • Gather essential information about the inner workings of your chosen industry
    • Establish important contacts and relationships within music organizations
    • Enjoy a competitive edge when you enter the job market
    • Identify what type of industry and working environment you enjoy

    How do I find an internship?

    Finding an internship is similar to finding a job. At The New School for Jazz and Contemporary Music, we provide advisement and support to help you locate and land your ideal internship. Utilizing our online internship and job board, Career SuccessLink , students are able to search for a wide variety of opportunities at record labels, recording studios, non-profits, music festivals, venues, as well as in music education, publishing and management. Going through the search process, you will develop lifelong skills that will help you find employment throughout your life, no matter what career path you choose.

    Identify what type of internship you want

    Figuring out what kind of internship you want can be the most difficult part of the process. But arguably, it can be the most important! You are working for free not solely to earn credits but to gain valuable skills.

    Think about what type of skills you would like to gain. Teaching? Recording? Writing? Marketing?

    Also take into consideration what type of organization interests you. Do you want to know how a record label works? Or does the management of a jazz clubs interest you? Students regularly intern at record labels, media outlets, performance organizations and clubs, schools and educational organizations, not-for-profits, commercial and indie music houses, recording studios, and music publishers.

    Read the list of internship sites (PDF) for a list of places Jazz students have interned in the last few of years. Keep in mind that your internship options are not limited to these organizations.

    When should you begin to look for internships in your preferred areas?

    IT IS NEVER TOO EARLY TO START LOOKING for an internship. Students all over the world want to come to New York City to intern in the music business. The competition can be tough. Many large organizations post their internship opportunities months in advance. The earlier you apply, the better your chance of getting an internship you want. Here are a few places you can locate available internships:

    • Look at the web pages of organizations of specific interest to you. Many organizations post internships openings along with their job opportunities. If you can’t find the internship listings, try typing "internships" into the search box or look at the site map.
    • To register for College Central Network Services, click on “Students/Alumni.” On the next page, click on “student.” Select “Register Now.” To create your user ID, type “LS + any 6 digits” (eg. LS123456). Then, choose your own password. Once you submit the registration form, you will be able to upload your résumé (in the hope that employers will look at it) and search for internships.
    • Check job search web sites
    • Check your Groupwise inbox! Whenever we get information about an internship, we forward it to your Groupwise account.