Notable Alumni

  • Nothing about our school is conventional, especially our alumni.

    Our program encouraged them to follow their most courageous instincts. That’s because we are a direct alternative to mainstream jazz education, where European classical music constitutes the curricular and cultural center of study. Here we situate European and other global streams within a jazz-oriented framework. We are a truly unique voice in an academic domain too often constrained by orthodoxy. 

    Be a Fearless Artist

    Our curriculum is designed for self-determined, self-directed learning toward individual outcomes. Students have the opportunity to choose their own lesson teacher from NYC community circles, create their own small ensembles, perform in a variety of venues, choose from a wide range of electives, and be encouraged to continuously develop self-reflective practice in determining their artistic identity. We promote a view of jazz and related contemporary forms as living art, an open canon ever informed by each new contemporary generation of fearless student artists. 


    Below is a list of some of our most notable alumni who have benefited from this exciting style of learning.

    Eliane Amherd

    Joe Ascione

    Dmitri Baevsky

    Marcus Baylor

    Kenyatta Beasley

    Miri Ben-Ari

    Peter Bernstein

    Dario Boente

    Walter Blanding, Jr.

    Andy Boehmke

    Sharel Cassity

    Avishai Cohen

    Aaron Comess

    Adam Cruz

    Jesse Davis

    John Ellis

    Ilhan Ersahin

    Rebecca Coupe Franks

    Robert Glasper

    Larry Goldings

    Mary Halvorson

    Alan Hampton

    Roy Hargrove

    Keyon Harrold

    Gilad Hekselman

    Owen Howard

    Ali Jackson

    Jose James

    Aaron Johnson

    Matt Jorgensen

    Scott Kettner

    Corey King

    Greg Kurstin

    Gregoire Maret

    Jason Marshall

    Virginia Mayhew

    Brad Mehldau

    Reggie Quinerly

    Nick Rolf

    Mike Rood

    Sermon Saunders

    Alex Skolnick

    Shimrit Shoshan

    Yotam Silberstein

    Becca Stevens

    Loren Stillman

    Marcus Strickland

    E.J. Strickland 

    Chris Tordini

    Burniss Earl Travis

    Manuel Valera

    Jennifer Vincent

    Mike Wilner

    Kenneth Whalum

    Jamire Williams

    Sam Yahel

    Glenn Zaleski

    Amir Ziv