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    Private lessons are crucial to our “artist-as-mentor” pedagogy. Being located in the heart of the most vibrant jazz scene in the world, we have access to many professional musicians for private instruction, including more than 40 pianists.

    All students participate in a small improvisation ensemble every semester, rehearsing, recording, and performing under the tutelage of a core faculty member. In addition, students can participate in elective ensembles to round out their performing experience. Here are some of the elective ensembles that are of particular interest to piano students: 

    Thelonious Monk Ensemble, Herbie Hancock Ensemble, Super Trios Ensemble, Live Drum ’n’ Bass Ensemble, The Art of the Rhythm Section, Afro-Cuban Jazz Orchestra 

    Make it your own! We encourage students to create their own ensembles through collaborations with other students and faculty mentors.