• Willi Semmler

    Arnhold Professor of International Cooperation and Development


    My research and teaching interests are:

    • Empirical Macroeconomics 
    • Macroeconomics of the US and EU 
    • Financial Markets 
    • Economics of Climate Change
    • Business Cycles
    • Macro Dynamics

    Curriculum Vitae

    Degrees Held:

    Ph.D. 1976, Free University of Berlin

    Habilitation 1980, Free University of Berlin

    Professional Affiliations:

    Research Associate, SCEPA, New York, research on the Economics of Climate Change (Schwartz Center for Economic Policy Analysis)

    Research Associate, IIASA, Laxenbrug

    Research Associate, Center for European Economic Research, Mannheim, Germany

    University of Bielefeld, Germany

    Recent Publications:

    Recent Books

    Sustainable Asset Accumulation and Dynamic Portfolio Decisions, with Carl Chiarella, C.-Y. Hsiao, and Lebogang Mateane. Springer, 2016.

    (Festschrift) Dynamic Modeling, Empirical Macroeconomics, and Finance, Essays in Honor of Willi SemmlerLucas Bernard and Nyambuu, Unurjargal (eds). Springer, 2016.

    The Oxford University Handbook of "The Macroeconomics of Global Warming", edited by Lucas Bernard and Willi Semmler, Oxford University Press. 

    Book chapters

    “Rebooting Europe---What Fiscal Union and What Social Union?”  eds, Herr, H., and J. Priewe, Saving the Euro. Redesigning Euro Area Economic Governance. SE Publishing, 2017.

    “Asset Accumulation with Heterogeneous Households: The Rise of Wealth Disparity" (with D. Parker), eds. B. Bökemeier, A. Greiner, Inequality and Finance in Macrodynamics, in Dynamic Modeling and Econometrics in Economics and Finance vol. 23, 2017.

    “An Extended Integrated Assessment Model for Mitigation & Adaptation Policies on Climate Change”, (with H. Maurer and T. Bonen), in “Lecture Notes in Economics and Mathematical”, eds G. Feichtinger, R. Kovacevic, and G. Tragler, Springer Publishing House, 2018.


    Articles published in Journal of Applied EconometricsJournal of Economic Dynamics and ControlJournal of Economic Behavior and OrganizationEconomic TheoryOxford Economic Papers, Oxford Bulletin of Economics and Statistic. Books published by Oxford University Press, Cambridge University Press, Princeton University Press, Cambridge University Press, Columbia University Press, and MIT Press. 

    For downloadable publications by Willi Semmler, see his page at SSRN and at Ideas (Research Papers in Economics). His Curriculum Vitae is also available.

    Performances And Appearances:

    Evaluation Committee, IIASA, Laxenburg, Austria

    Evaluation of Research Projects for the EU Commission

    Visitor of the European Central Bank, Fall 2014

    Visitor of the IMF, April 2017, October 2017

    Research Interests:

    Empirical Macroeconomics; Macroeconomics of the US and EU; Financial Market; Economics of Climate Change; Business Cycles; Macro Dynamics; Nonlinear Modeling

    Awards And Honors:

    Fulbright Professor, University of Economics, Vienna, Fall 2011

    Current Courses:

    Advanced Macroeconomics 2 (Spring 2020)

    Directed Dissertation Study

    Directed Dissertation Study (Spring 2020)

    Econ of Climate Change

    Graduate Macroeconomics (Spring 2020)

    Ind Senior Project

    Ind Senior Project (Spring 2020)

    Independent Study

    Independent Study (Spring 2020)

    International Finance

    Mentored Research

    Mentored Research (Spring 2020)