• Carlos Forment

    Associate Professor of Sociology and Director of Graduate Studies


    I am an Associate Professor of Sociology at the New School for Social Research. I have three sets of concerns: 1) provide a Tocquevillian account of the development of civic democracy in nineteenth century Latin America and a Latin American reading of Tocquevillian democracy in the modern west; 2) make sense of everyday forms of nationhood and selfhood in nineteenth century Latin America; and 3) understand the way governmentalized populations across the global south, in the course of practicing everyday politics in the wake of neoliberalism, have transformed themselves into plebeian citizens.

    My work is in dialogue with the following authors: Alexis de Tocqueville, Hannah Arendt, Michel Foucault and Jacques Ranciere. 

    I am currently working on two books: The Emergence of Plebeian Citizenship Across the Global South: Post-Democratic Life in Argentina in the Wake of Neo-Liberalism: and, Public Spaces of Sociability and Everyday Forms of Nationhood in Nineteenth Century Latin America (in contract, The University of Chicago Press). 


    Degrees Held:

    PhD 1991, Harvard University

    Professional Affiliations:

    Director, Centro de investigacion y documentacion de la vida publica (Buenos Aires, 2002-07)

    Researcher, "Actores y coaliciones en la integracion latinoamericana," Programa de las Naciones Unidad para el Desarollo en Argentina (United Nation's Development Program in Argentina, 2004-05)

    Recent Publications:


    Public Spaces of Sociability and Everyday Forms of Nationhood in Nineteenth Century Latin America (in contract, The University of Chicago Press) 

    Shifting Frontiers of Citizenship: The Latin American Experience, co-editor with Mario Sznajder and Luis Roniger (Brill, 2013) 

    La Formacion de la Sociedad Civil y la Democracia en el Peru (Editorial Universidad Catolica del Peru, 2012) 

    Democracy in Latin America: Civic Selfhood and Public Life, vol I; Mexico and Peru (The University of Chicago Press, 2003; Second Ed. 2013)


    Special Issue of Journals:

    "Anthropological Theory," co-editor Civility, Special Issue  (forthcoming, 2017)


    Peer Reviewed Journal Articles and Book Chapters

    "Recycling Civility: Buenos Aires' Scavengers and Everyday Forms of Plebeian Citizenship," Anthropological Theory (forthcoming, 2017)

    "Ordinary Ethics and the Emergence of Plebeian Democracy Across the Global South: Buenos Aires' La Salada Market," Current Anthropology (September 2015)

    "Plebeian Citizenship and the Ethico-Political Practices of the Ungoverned: Buenos Aires’ La Salada Market and Emergent Forms of Democratic Life Across the Global South," in The Postcolonial Contemporary, (eds.) Gary Wilder and Jini Watson Kim (Fordham University Press, 2015) 

    "Communitarian Cosmopolitanism: Buenos Aires' Recuperated Factory Workers and the 'Right to Have Rights," in The Trouble with Democracy: Political Modernity in the 21st Century," (ed.) Peter Wagner (Edinburgh University Press, 2015) 

    "Recuperated Factories in Contemporary Buenos Aires from the Perspective of Workers and Businessmen," in Enduring Reform (eds.) Jeffrey Rubin and Vivienne Bennet (University of Pittsburgh, 2015)

    "Argentina's Recuperated Factory Movement and Citizenship," in Shfiting Frontiers of Citizenship: The Latin American Experience (ed.) Forment, Sznajder and Roniger (Brill, 2013)

    "The Democratic Dribbler: Football Clubs, Crisis of Representation and the 2003 Mayoral Elections in the CIty of Buenos Aires," Public Culture, Special Issue on Cultures of Democracy (February 2007) 

    "Sujetividad Civic y Vida Publica en Mexico y Peru," in La Nueva Historia Politica de America Latina en el siglo XIX, (ed.) Guillermo Prieto (Fondo de Cultura Economica, 2007)

    "Catholicism, Civic Selfhood and Public Life in Nineteenth Century Latin America," in From Empire to Nation: Historical Perspectives on the Making of the Modern World, (ed.) Josehph Esherick, Hasan Kayal and Eric Van Young (Rowman and Liittlefield, 2006) 


    Performances And Appearances:

    Commentator and Co-Anchor, "Cuba and the Pope," NY1 News / Notiicas (New York City, September 2015) Part One and Part Two.

    Guadalajara Book Fair (Guadalajara, Mexico, October, 2014)

    Commentator and Co-Anchor, "Church and State in Cuba," NY1 News / Noticias (New York City, March 2012)

    The Democratic Dribbler, Open Democracy (February 2005)

    Los Tocquevilianos y la democracia, Nexos (November 2000)

    Research Interests:

    Governmentalized Populations and Plebeian Citizenship Across the Global South; Neoliberalism and Public Life Today; Civil Society Across the Post-Colonial World; Citizenship: Ancient, Modern and Contemporary; Nationhood and Selfhood in Nineteenth Century Latin America




    Current Courses:

    Classical Sociological Theory

    Classical Sociological Theory

    Independent Study

    Independent Study (Spring 2020)

    Internship (Spring 2019)

    Post-Democracy (Spring 2019)

    Theory & Pol of Councils (Spring 2020)

    Theory & Politics of Councils (Spring 2020)