• David Bering-Porter

    Assistant Professor of Culture and Media


    David Bering-Porter is Assistant Professor of Culture and Media at the Eugene Lang College of the Liberal Arts at The New School, USA. Areas of research include film and media studies, new media theory, and the intersections of media, science, and technology. His current book project is a study of undead labor and the ways that race, labor, and value come together in the mediated body of the zombie. His articles have appeared in the journals FlowMIRAJ, and the Los Angeles Review of Books. 



    Degrees Held:

    Ph.D. in Modern Culture and Media

    Brown University (Providence, RI), 2011


    M.A. in Modern Culture and Media

    Brown University (Providence, RI), 2006


    B.S. summa cum laude in Psychology

    Excelsior College (Albany, NY), 2003

    Recent Publications:

    “Boutique Ethnicity: On African Ancestry and Neoliberal Economies of the Self” for The Postcolonial World, edited by Jyotsna Singh and David D. Kim. New York and London: Routledge, 2016.

    “Loops within Loops: Reflections on the Work of Marco Brambilla.” Flow (Volume 23, Special Issue: Loop Media). U Texas Austin, 2016.


    “The automaton in all of us: GIFs, cinemagraphs, and the films of Martin Arnold” Moving Image Review & Art Journal (MIRAJ). Volume 3, Number 2. 1 December 2014. pp. 178-192 (15).


    “Consuming Ourselves: Capitalism, Media, and the Zombie Apocalypse.” Los Angeles Review of Books (Special Issue, Fall, 2013)


    “Toaster-Frakkers and Remote Controls: Technophilia, Cylons, and the Archival Drive” Flow (Volume 7, Special) U Texas Austin, 2007

    Research Interests:

    Film Studies                                                                            New Media

                Contemporary Film Theory                                                     Media Archaeology

                Genre and the Monstrous                                                        Embodied Media

                Zombie Movies and Exploitation Cinema                                Information and Cybernetics

                Visual Culture                                                                          Convergence and Emergence


    Critical Studies and Contemporary Theory                             Science & Technology

                Postcolonial Theory                                                                 Genetics and Heredity

                Contemporary Marxism                                                            History of Race

                Psychoanalysis and Subjectivity                                               Biopower and Science Studies

                Feminism and Gender Studies                                                  Technology and Aesthetics

    Current Courses:

    Economies of the Self (Spring 2020)

    Exploitation Cinema (Spring 2019)

    Folk Horror (Spring 2020)

    Independent Senior Project

    Independent Senior Project (Spring 2020)

    Independent Study

    Independent Study (Spring 2020)

    Introduction to Media Studies (Spring 2020)

    The Zombie

    Theory and Practice Seminar