• Profile:

    Kali Handelman has spent over a decade in New York City studying religion, cultural studies, and media. Along with her formal academic pursuits, she has experience working in visual art and independent publishing. Running throughout her work are interests in literature, visual art, architecture, politics, law, and religion, as well as an investment in exploring what these disciplines and categories have to offer one another. She is the program coordinator at the NYU Center for Religion and Media, editor of The Revealer: a review of religion and media, the manager of program development at the Brooklyn Institute for Social Research, a freelance editor, and an adjunt instructor at Eugene Lang College. 

    Degrees Held:

    MA in religious studies from Columbia University

    BA in cultural and media studies from Eugene Lang College - The New School

    Professional Affiliations:

    American Academy of Religion

    Current Courses:

    Writing About Media & Religion (Spring 2020)