Journalism + Design


  • Overview

    Journalism + Design is a new interdisciplinary program that merges design thinking with time-tested journalistic principles and practice. The result is a rigorous education that prepares a new generation of journalist-designers for a rapidly changing era. We believe journalism students need to graduate with the creative capacity and confidence to thrive in today’s complex media ecosystem. Learn more about the program.


    Undergraduate students from any school of the university who are not majoring in Liberal Arts can select a minor from Lang’s offerings. Similarly, Lang students who are not pursuing a BA or BS in Liberal Arts can select a minor from those offered in other schools, provided they meet the prerequisites and related requirements. (Lang students pursuing a BA or BS in Liberal Arts: See Self-Designed Major below.)


    Requirements for the Journalism + Design Major

    The minor in Journalism + Design requires completion of the following five (5) courses:

    LLSJ  2001  News and Narrative I (4 credits)
    LLSJ  3001  News, Narrative, and Design II (4)
    LLSJ  3505 Visualizing Data (4)
    2 LLSJ electives, one of which must be at the 3000 level or higher and two of which may be taken outside of Lang (8)

    Total: 18-20 credits
    Students must receive a grade of C or better in every course used to fulfill area of study requirements.

    Self-Designed Major (BA or BS, Liberal Arts)

    Students pursuing a Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science in Liberal Arts cannot elect an academic minor; however, they can pursue a deeper study in this subject area through the self-designed major. To explore this option, contact an academic advisor and read more about the self-designed option at Lang.