Engage, Intern, & Study Abroad

Study Abroad & Exchange

  • Expand your horizons and develop a global perspective with liberal arts study abroad opportunities

    Lang Study Abroad

    Many Lang students spend a semester, academic year, or summer taking courses, working at internships, or pursuing volunteer projects abroad and around the United States. With proper research and planning, you can study almost anywhere in the world. 

    Study abroad (also known as “mobility” and “study away”) is normally undertaken in the sophomore or junior year. Students should consult with the director of Global Programs as well as their departmental faculty advisors and student success advisors in advance. Those who have declared a major should also consult with the chair or director of their major program. This meeting should occur early enough to ensure that the proposed mobility program fits students' course of study and leaves them enough time to fulfill senior residency and graduation requirements.

    Lang offers liberal arts study abroad programs both through the school (in-house) and through other institutions, including:

    • Global Immersion. Through Lang's partnership with ICADS (Institute for Central American Development Studies), students combine classroom learning with practical experience through research on and analysis of Central American social and economic issues.  
    • Lang-Sponsored Faculty-Led Programs. Several short-term, relatively inexpensive programs are led by Lang faculty during academic breaks — an excellent choice for students who are short on time or funds. Students can also opt to study for a semester or academic year through specific partner schools, paying Lang tuition as usual and keeping institutional financial aid from The New School. Past programs have examined avant-garde theater at an international fringe festival; contemporary music history, with an excursion to a techno music parade; democracy and diversity; educational and therapeutic use of visual arts; and classical European literature and music.
    • Lang-Sponsored International Exchange Programs. Because of special exchange agreements with certain institutions, Lang students can study abroad for a semester or a year. They do not pay the institutions’ tuition; instead, they pay tuition to Lang and keep their institutional financial aid from The New School. Students can use earned credits toward their Lang degree.

    Read about study abroad procedures and visit our portal, where you will find an interactive program search and the application portal for study abroad programs.

    Lang Domestic Exchange

    Domestic exchange programs allow Lang students to study at designated partner schools in the United States for a semester or an academic year, paying Lang tuition as usual and keeping institutional financial aid from The New School. This opportunity exposes our students to an expanded curriculum, an alternative campus environment, and new faculty and peers. If you're interested in domestic exchange programs, speak to your Lang study abroad advisor to learn more.