• This page outlines requirements for the minor in Visual Studies. Students can also study this subject as part of a self-designed major (BA or BS, Liberal Arts), and students majoring in The Arts can choose the Visual Arts concentration (BA, The Arts) or the Arts in Context concentration (BA, The Arts), in which they combine visual studies with a liberal arts discipline.


    Part of the interdisciplinary Arts curriculum at Eugene Lang College, the Visual Studies concentration at Eugene Lang College offers a distinctive approach to the study of the history and theory of art as well as the broader field of visual culture. Applying a broad range of theories and methodologies, students in this concentration address diverse areas of art history and visual studies, including painting, photography, moving image arts, sculpture, performance art, conceptual art, installation, curatorial and museum studies, and public art. The curriculum reflects the dominant role of images in contemporary society and culture.


    Minors are available to undergraduate students across The New School. Note: Students majoring in The Arts (BA, The Arts) can enroll in any minor of their choice, including an Arts minor in a discipline different from the one already being studied in their major. 

    Requirements Worksheet
    Courses should be chosen carefully, in consultation with the director of the program. Students pursuing the Visual Studies minor are encouraged to download the Arts Program Requirements worksheet, found here, to track their progress. Students must receive grades of C or better in all courses taken to fulfill minor requirements.

    Requirements for the Visual Studies Minor
    Interested students should review the curriculum below and speak with the Visual Studies program director before declaring this minor. The Visual Studies minor requires the following five courses:

    • One introductory course (LVIS 2001: Introduction to Art History and Visual Studies or PLVS 2500: Introduction to Visual Culture)
    • One theory or methodology course, 3000 level
    • Three LVIS and/or LINA electives in Art History or Visual Studies. At least one of these electives must be upper level, and at least one course must highlight global perspectives.

    Students who wish to pursue the Visual Studies minor at Lang must complete at least three LVIS courses (or two LVIS courses and one LINA course) at Lang. For transfer students, no more than two transfer courses count toward the Visual Studies minor.

    Lang Culture and Media (LCST) courses can be used to fulfill Visual Studies elective requirements with approval from the Visual Studies coordinator.

    Arts in Context Concentration (BA, The Arts)

    Students interested in visual studies can also choose the Arts in Context concentration (BA, The Arts), in which they combine visual studies courses with courses in a liberal arts discipline of their choice. For example, a student can focus on arts criticism by taking courses in visual studies and writing. Other majors such as Psychology or Urban Studies can also provide wider contexts for visual art studies. Arts in Context students should follow the minor requirements for Visual Studies above or an alternate plan of study approved by the Visual Studies coordinator.