Concert Office

  • The Mannes Concert Office assists students and faculty with all aspects of organizing performances, rehearsals, and recording sessions. Basic information is found below. For more information, please visit the Mannes Concert Information page.


    Mannes student recitals are held at 55 West 13th Street in the fourth-floor Ernst C. Stiefel Concert Hall (seating up to 108), the seventh-floor Baisley Powell Elebash Recital Hall (seating 60), and the first-floor Glass Box Theater (seating 60). Student recitals are not held in other spaces around The New School, except when the event is an internal Mannes production, such as one by the Orchestra or Opera.

    Recital Times

    Concert times in the Stiefel Concert Hall (i400) are typically weekdays at 5:00 p.m. and 8:00 p.m. (two-hour slots), and Sundays at 12:30, 3:00, 5:30 (90-minute recitals), and 8:00 p.m. (two-hour recital). Concert times in the Elebash Recital Hall (i750) are Mondays-Fridays at 8:00 p.m. (two-hour slots) and Sundays at 12:30, 3:00, 5:30 (90-minute recitals), and 8:00 p.m. (two-hour recital). Concert times in the Glass Box (i100) are scheduled on the basis of availability of the space. Please program your event carefully to fit into the available time. Remember to factor in starting five minutes late, five minutes between pieces, and a 15-minute intermission, and allow for any necessary stage changes. There are no recitals during audition week, jury week, or school holidays. On Saturdays, venues are used by Mannes Prep and are not available for college students.


    There are two pianos in the Stiefel Concert Hall: #567991 American Steinway “D” and #531365 American Steinway “D”.  The #567991 piano will be used for your recital unless you notify the Concert Office otherwise. There are two Steinway B pianos in the Elebash Recital Hall, #313035 and #589945; the newer #589945 will be used for your recital unless you specify otherwise. The Glass Box also has an American Steinway "D" piano.

    Please do not place food or drinks, water bottles, instrument cases, or heavy objects on the pianos. Tuning or repair requests or reports of broken strings can be made at To avoid injury to yourself or the pianos, please do not attempt to remove piano lids. House managers are trained to remove and replace lids. Requests to remove lids can be made at The piano technician must approve all preparations — objects placed inside the piano, on dampers, or on strings — in advance. Please contact Lou Tasciotti at: for prior approval and instructions to prevent damage.


    Mannes currently owns 2 harpsichords: 1) The Dowd is kept in the room 410 and is used for performances in Stiefel Concert Hall; 2) the Fisk is kept in room 450 and is used for early-music classes and rehearsals. If you intend to program music for harpsichord, please schedule your event in Stiefel Concert Hall, as we do not move our harpsichords off the fourth floor. If you would like to use the harpsichord for your recital, please notify the Concert Office (no later than three weeks in advance) so that we can arrange for a harpsichord tuner.  


    Mannes provides student ushers to help manage your event. Ushers operate the lights, manage the door, distribute programs, handle stage changes, and interact with the audience.  


    If you intend to program music which requires AV support, please contact Ryan Anselmi ( as early as possible to determine whether Mannes is able to provide that support. After initial approval is given, we will need a detailed specification for each piece at least four weeks in advance. 

    Erik Bestmann
    Director of Concert Operations
    212.580.0210 x4815