• Giving

    To make great musicians, Mannes needs great friends.

    Mannes dares to dream in today's world—to dream of the role great music and those who make it can play in building a better tomorrow. I believe that Mannes is a truly extraordinary institution. Its intimate and supportive ethos, its eminent faculty, its comprehensive curriculum taught in small classes, and its location just minutes from New York's leading cultural institutions all combine to create an ideal setting and a nurturing community where young musical talents can grow into fine artists.

    Mannes is a division of The New School, an intellectually rich and dynamic institution renowned for its excellence, diversity, and integrity. As part of the university, Mannes School of Music has joined with School of Drama and The New School for Jazz and Contemporary Music to create The New School Young Patrons Society, a vibrant group of young people from New York City and beyond who share an enthusiasm for music and theater.

    Hundreds of generous alumni and friends support the unique spirit that is Mannes. I invite you to join all of us who share the conviction that Mannes is deserving of our support and who enjoy the benefits of being a part of its community.

    Linda E. Rappaport
    Chair, Mannes Board of Governors