Junior Program

  • Grades 1–4

    Private Instruction: 1/2 hour, 3/4 hour, or 1 hour (1/2 hour lessons are only available up to Grade 3)
    Techniques of Music: 1-hour class

    Workshops and Recitals

    Ensembles: String Orchestra, Concert Orchestra, or Junior Chorus

    Students grades 1-4 enter the Junior Program, designed to give the young musician a comprehensive grounding in music fundamentals as well as introducing more advanced topics. Techniques of Music courses include written theory and ear training and introduce works from the literature.

    Elementary Techniques of Music

    Students learn basic music material through movement, singing, and listening. Coordination, rhythmic awareness, and basic reading are emphasized during the first two years, and fundamentals of music theory and form are stressed in years three and four. Guided listening acquaints children with appropriate selections of significant literature and develops their listening skills.

    Intermediate Techniques of Music

    Students continue the work begun in the elementary courses, including more advanced sight-reading and melodic dictation. Harmony and species counterpoint are introduced. Listening is expanded to include longer selections. The emotional and expressive qualities of a work are discussed in addition to theoretical concepts. Intermediate courses include intensive reviews of previously learned materials in order to establish a firm foundation for musical growth.