Program for the Very Young

  • Enrollment ages 4–6 only

    Private Instruction in piano, violin, or cello: 1/2 hour or 3/4 hour
    Group Performance: 1/2-hour class
    First Theory: 1-hour class

    Young students receive comprehensive instruction in piano, violin, or cello with regular parental involvement. Modeled on the educational philosophy of Shinichi Suzuki, this program nurtures the student's musical sensitivity, listening skills, and technical proficiency in equal measure. Students learn their instruments at first by imitation, and, at the same time, are taught fundamentals of theory and music reading. Weekly classes include a private lesson and a small performance class, which students and parents attend together. In addition, students attend one hour of Techniques of Music, called First Theory. Newly enrolled students start with a half-hour lesson, a half-hour group class, and a First Theory class. Readiness for the program is evaluated during the admissions process.

    First Theory

    Children ages four to six experience the fundamentals of music through rhythmic movement, coordination games, singing, and improvisation. They explore rhythm, form, and melody with appropriate instruments combining the Orff and Dalcroze methods. These classes provide an excellent foundation for instrumental study. Classes are formed according to age.