Undergraduate Diploma

  • The curriculum for this certificate is identical to that of the Bachelor of Arts without the liberal arts courses. The undergraduate diploma is awarded in all major fields at the end of four years of study upon successful completion of the Bachelor of Music program minus the following courses: Introduction to Undergraduate Studies, Introduction to Humanities, English Composition, and Humanities (Western Civilization, Art History, and Literature). The undergraduate diploma is primarily suited to applicants who are interested in the undergraduate program but already have a bachelor’s degree in an area other than music.

    Our four-year full-time program includes private lessons, performance classes, and courses in the Techniques of Music, liberal arts, and humanities as well as electives.

    Fields of Study

    • Orchestral Instruments
    • Piano
    • Harpsichord
    • Voice
    • Classical Guitar
    • Orchestral Conducting
    • Composition
    • Theory

    Gainful Employment Disclosures

    Pursuant to the Higher Education Opportunity Act of 2008 and other related regulations we are providing the attached disclosure.

    The New School in New York City

    While our new home within Greenwich Village puts us front and center in the world of downtown experimental music, our students enjoy opportunities throughout the entire city. You will be able to take advantage of great performances, art organizations, sound and recording studios, and more. We help you find and secure valuable internship and performing opportunities.

    Career opportunities include

    Performance, Conducting, Composition, Musical Production, Teaching, Arts Administration

    Information regarding Mannes NEXT

    Mannes NEXT Diploma:

    Applications are no longer being accepted for the NEXT Diploma.

    The Mannes NEXT Diploma is an undergraduate program for students wishing to develop their musical skills in a conservatory environment. The core of the NEXT Diploma includes private lessons, Techniques of Music instruction (music theory, ear training, dictation), ensemble/group performance classes, music history courses, and various performances and recitals throughout the year.

    Follow this link to view curricular requirements for the NEXT Diploma.