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About Us

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    The New School for Social Research is a graduate institution in the heart of New York City. It generates progressive scholarship and provides historically grounded education in the social sciences and philosophy. With more than 75 full-time faculty members, its nine departments and interdisciplinary committees offer master’s and doctoral degrees to 800 graduate students from 70 countries. Cross-disciplinary centers and institutes housed at The New School for Social Research provide further opportunities for innovative collaborations, particularly at the intersection of social theory, policy, and design.

    The New School for Social Research believes that research and pedagogy should advance economic justice, promote understanding of social change and social movements, and train the next generation of scholars and leaders to influence public debate. Its commitment to progressive values, academic freedom, rigorous scholarship, and critical theory in the tradition of the Frankfurt School lies at the heart of The New School’s history and draws upon the vital legacy of the University in Exile.

    While maintaining long-standing strengths in continental philosophy, psychology, political economy, ethnography, historical studies, and the analysis of social movements, The New School for Social Research today continues to innovate, in fields like migration and mobility, capitalism studies, gender and sexuality studies, creative publishing and critical journalism, and design and social thought, demonstrating its desire to remain engaged in the most important issues and debates of our time.

    Office of the Dean

    William Milberg
    212.229.5777 x3038

    Desiree Lavecchia
    Executive Assistant to the Dean
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    Robert Kostrzewa
    Vice Dean
    212.229.5712 x3003

    Ellen Freeberg
    Associate Dean of Faculty and Curriculum
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    Kiril Glavev
    Associate Director of Faculty Affairs
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    Sherri Cohen
    Director of Communications
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    Seth Cohen
    Director of Operations
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    Joseph Warren
    Operations Manager
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    Aleanna Sonnylal
    Executive Secretary
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