The New School for Social Research


Degree Programs

  • The New School for Social Research offers programs of study leading to four advanced degrees: master of arts, master of science, master of philosophy, and doctor of philosophy.

    A candidate for any one of these degrees must satisfy the requirements established by both The New School for Social Research and the department of the student’s major field of study. Students should make certain that they are familiar not only with the general requirements for the degree, but also with their specific departmental requirements.

    Students receiving federal and state financial aid should consult with Student Financial Services for special criteria on academic progress standards required to maintain eligibility for aid.

    Admission to study with The New School for Social Research is not equivalent to admission to candidacy for a degree. Matriculated status and meeting other requirements set forth below are essential for admission to degree candidacy.

    All students upon completion of the MA degree or thirty credits of graduate work, whichever is sooner, can apply for continued study into the PhD program if they are meeting application criteria. Check with your specific department for information on the PhD application process. Students cannot register for more than thirty course credits at The New School for Social Research if they are not formally admitted to a PhD program or to the MS program in Economics. Students who do not maintain a satisfactory academic record will be dropped from degree candidacy and may be dismissed from study.

    A student who has satisfied the necessary requirements must submit a graduation petition through mynewschool by the date specified in the academic calendar in order to obtain his or her degree.

    See the degree programs sections of each department page for more information about specific requirements.