The New School for Social Research

Gender and Sexuality Studies


  • The Graduate Certificate in Gender and Sexuality Studies draws on the research interests and expertise of faculty from schools across the university. 

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    Margot Bouman
    Assistant Professor of Visual Culture
    PhD Visual and Cultural Studies, University of Rochester

    Lisa Rubin 
    Associate Professor of Psychology 
    PhD Clinical Psychology, Arizona State University 

    Student Advisor

    Teresa Casas
    Universidad Carlos III de Madrid
    PhD in Philosophy, The New School for Social Research

    Steering Committee

    Elaine Abelson
    Associate Professor of History              
    PhD American History, New York University

    Hazel Clark
    Professor of Design Studies and Fashion Studies
    Research Chair of Fashion 
    PhD History of Design, University of Brighton, England

    Alice Crary 
    Professor of Philosophy 
    PhD, University of Pittsburgh

    Miriam Ticktin
    Associate Professor of Anthropology
    PhD Anthropology, Stanford University and Ecole des hautes études en sciences sociales

    Affiliated Faculty

    Shana Agid
    Assistant Professor of Arts, Media, and Communication
    PhD Design, Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology

    Cinzia Arruzza 
    Associate Professor of Philosophy 
    PhD Philosophy, University of Rome Tor Vergata 

    Laura Auricchio
    Professor of Art History
    PhD Art History, Columbia University

    Chiara Bottici
    Associate Professor of Philosophy
    PhD, European University Institute

    David Brody
    Associate Professor of Design Studies
    PhD American Studies, Boston University

    Colette Brooks
    Associate Professor of Theater and Writing
    MFA Drama, Yale University

    Katayoun Chamany
    Chair of Interdisciplinary Science

    Project Shepherd and Director of University Science Labs 
    PhD Molecular and Cell Biology, University of California at Berkeley

    Marilyn Cohen
    Part-Time Assistant Professor
    PhD Art History, Institute of Fine Arts, New York University

    Emmalon Davis
    Assistant Professor of Philosophy
    PhD Philosophy, Indiana University

    Tracy Ehrlich
    Part-Time Assistant Professor   
    PhD Art History, Columbia University

    Kate Eichhorn
    Assistant Professor of Culture and Media
    PhD Language, Culture, and Teaching, York University

    Jennifer Firestone
    Assistant Professor of Literary Studies
    MFA Creative Writing, San Francisco State University

    Nancy Fraser
    Henry A. and Louise Loeb Professor of Philosophy and Politics
    PhD Philosophy, City University of New York

    Andrea Geyer
    Associate Professor of New Genres
    Diploma Fine Arts, Academy of Fine Arts, Braunschweig, Germany

    Teresa Ghilarducci
    Irene and Bernard L. Schwartz Professor of Economics and Policy Analysis
    Director of the Schwartz Center for Economic Policy Analysis
    PhD Economics, University of California, Berkeley

    Terri Gordon
    Program Director, Gender Studies 
    PhD Comparative Literature, Columbia University

    Francesca Granata
    Assistant Professor of Fashion Studies
    PhD Art and Design History, Central Saint Martins School of Art and Design

    Sara Lichtman
    Assistant Professor of Design History
    PhD Design History, Bard College

    Rachel G. Lifter
    Assistant Professor of Fashion Studies
    PhD, London College of Fashion, University of the Arts, London

    Lana Lin
    Associate Professor of Film Theory and Digital Cinema
    PhD, New York University

    L.H.M. Ling
    Professor of International Affairs
    PhD Political Science, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

    Laura Y. Liu 
    Assistant Professor, Urban Studies 
    PhD Geography, Rutgers University

    Michelle Materre
    Associate Professor of Media Studies and Film
    MEd Educational Media, Boston College

    Brian McGrath
    Professor of Urban Design, School of Constructed Environments
    MArch, Princeton University

    Virag Molnar
    Associate Professor of Sociology
    PhD Sociology, Princeton University

    Ricardo Montez
    Assistant Professor of Performance Studies
    PhD Performance Studies, New York University

    Christina Moon
    Assistant Professor of Fashion Studies
    PhD Anthropology, Yale University

    Elizabeth Morano
    Part-Time Associate Teaching Professor
    MA Visual Culture: Costume, New York University

    Jeanine Oleson
    Assistant Professor of Photography
    MFA, School of the Art Institute of Chicago

    Veronica Paredes
    Part-Time Lecturer
    PhD Candidate, Media Arts and Practice, University of Southern California

    Dominic Pettman
    Professor of Culture and Media
    PhD English and Cultural Studies, University of Melbourne

    Claire Potter
    Professor of History
    PhD History, New York University

    Miguel Robles-Duran
    Associate Professor of Urbanism
    MA, Berlage Institute of Amsterdam

    Raul Rubio
    Associate Professor of Hispanic Studies, Chair of Foreign Languages
    Doctorate Latin American Literature and Cultural Studies, Tulane University

    Marie M. Serra
    Part-Time Assistant Professor
    MA Cinema Studies, New York University

    Rachel Sherman
    Associate Professor of Sociology
    PhD Sociology, University of California at Berkeley

    Ann Snitow
    Senior Lecturer in Liberal Studies and Associate Professor of Literature
    PhD Literature, University College London

    Sheba Tejani
    Assistant Professor of International Affairs
    PhD Economics, The New School for Social Research

    Hans Otto Van Busch
    Associate Professor of Integrated Design
    PhD Design, University of Gothenburg

    Gina Walker
    Professor of Women’s Studies
    PhD 18th Century Literature, New York University

    Maxine Weisgrau
    Part-Time Assistant Professor, International Affairs
    PhD Anthropology, Columbia University

    Mia White
    Assistant Professor of Environmental Studies
    PhD Urban Studies and Planning, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

    Terry Williams
    Professor of Sociology
    PhD, CUNY Graduate Center