The New School for Social Research

Funding Opportunities

New School Funding

  • Eligibility for Institutional Scholarship Support

    The allocation of institutional financial aid at The New School for Social Research is based on both academic performance and financial need. Normally, awards are extended through the first two (MA) to three (PhD) years of study, provided the student maintains steady progress in a degree program and continues to demonstrate financial need. Guidelines (PDF) for the awarding and renewal of aid are established by the Committee on Admissions, Awards, and Scholarships. Only degree candidates are eligible for institutional scholarships. Note: The New School seldom provides institutional awards to cover doctoral candidacy fees or tuition for students enrolled less than full-time.

    The minimum academic standards for noninstitutional aid programs, such as Federal Stafford Loans, are generally less stringent than the standards for New School scholarships and fellowships. Current minimum academic standards for aid eligibility are available from the university's Office of Student Financial Services. All aid recipients should note that carrying forward incomplete grades (such as I, NP, or N) to future semesters may jeopardize academic progress and result in disqualification from receiving all forms of aid, including federal and state funds. An academic review of all students is conducted each year, and students are notified by their departments about their academic progress.

  • Application Information for Current Students

    Forms, procedures, and eligibility details are available at these links (you must use your New School email to complete any application forms):  

    Integrative PhD Fellowship (Deadline: February 2, 2018)

    • The Integrative PhD Fellowship Program broadens social science training by introducing students to new analytical and expository techniques and fostering integrated research in design and the humanistic social sciences. Selected doctoral students can combine training in the humanistic social sciences, exemplified in the research and teaching at The New School for Social Research, with training in the innovative concepts and methodological approaches to data visualization, graphic design, and digital media developed at Parsons School of Design and the Schools of Public Engagement ( READ MORE ABOUT THE INTEGRATIVE PHD).

    GIDEST Fellowship (Deadline: February 12, 2018)

    • The Graduate Institute for Design, Ethnography, and Social Thought (GIDEST) offers fellowships annually to five doctoral students. GIDEST incubates transdisciplinary ethnographic research at the intersection of social theory, art, and design and fosters dialogue on related themes across the university ( READ MORE ABOUT GIDEST).

    Mellon Sawyer Seminar Graduate Fellowships (Deadline: February 20, 2018)

    • The Sawyer Seminar will award two substantial Doctoral Research Fellowships and four Graduate Fellowships. In return, all fellows commit to participating in regular seminar sessions throughout the academic year (approximately four times per semester) and two design workshops and to engage actively with the work of visiting seminar guests, among other activities. 

    MA Project Grant (Deadline: February 28, 2018)

    • Funding is provided for master's-level research that meets the eligibility requirements listed in the application.

    Statue Foundation Fellowship (Deadline: February 28, 2018)

    • The fellowship provides funding to incoming or current doctoral students in clinical psychology who are committed to contributing to culturally engaged research, teaching, or practice that addresses the needs and concerns of underserved communities, including immigrants or refugees; other racial, ethnic, or cultural minorities; low-income individuals and families; sexual minorities; individuals with disabilities; and others. In addition, individuals who are interested in basic or clinical research that has clear relevance to such populations are encouraged to apply. ( READ MORE ABOUT THE STATUE FOUNDATION FELLOWSHIP)

    Assistantships (TA and RA) (Deadline: February 28, 2018)

    • Research Assistants (RAs) support ongoing faculty research projects and substantive academic tasks associated with coursework. Teaching Assistants (TAs) assist faculty with their courses.

    Dissertation Fellowship (Deadline: March 5, 2018)

    • Advanced doctoral students are eligible to apply for one-year dissertation fellowships, which come with a $10,000 stipend and payment of maintenance fees. Approximately four awards are available annually in each PhD program.

    Student Travel Fund (Deadline: April 2, 2018)

    • The New School for Social Research provides limited support for eligible student research and conference travel.

    Janey Program Summer Fellowships (Deadline: April 16, 2018)

    • Janey Summer Fellowships are designed to assist pre-dissertation students who need to conduct preliminary research in Latin America in preparation for their dissertation work. The goal of the program is to help students conceive better projects, write more sophisticated dissertation proposals, and compete more successfully for outside funds ( READ MORE ABOUT THE JANEY PROGRAM).

    Fee Board (Deadline: May 7, 2018)

    • The Fee Board allocates a limited amount of funds from the Graduate Faculty Student Senate each year to reimburse conference registration fees, as well as legitimate travel and accommodation expenses related to research. 

    Fellowships for Incoming Students

    Prize Fellowships
    Prize fellowships are awarded to incoming students with distinguished records. Prize fellowships provide full tuition and a monthly stipend intended to allow recipients to devote themselves full-time to their program of study. The fellowships are renewable for five years for MA students, and three years for PhD students (or five years for PhD students in Clinical Psychology), subject to annual review. Applicants who apply by the funding deadline are automatically considered for prize fellowships.

    Dean's Fellowships
    Dean's fellowships are awarded in PhD-granting departments to incoming students with distinguished records. These full-tuition fellowships are renewable for five years for MA students, and three years for PhD students (or five years for PhD students in Clinical Psychology), subject to annual review. Applicants who apply by the funding deadline are automatically considered for prize fellowships.

    Note: The dean's fellowship in philosophy is known as the David Whitaker Memorial Scholarship in Philosophy, in memory of a gifted doctoral philosophy student and valued New School staff member.

    Merit Scholarship Awards
    All applicants to degree programs at The New School for Social Research are considered for a merit scholarship. Awards are determined based on the strength of a candidate's application. Scholarship award notification is communicated at the same time as the admission decision. Specific information about admission requirements is available at the admission page.

    Dissertation Fellowships

    Dissertation fellowships cover maintenance-of-status fees and provide modest research stipends for students writing a PhD dissertation. They are awarded annually by the Committee on Admissions, Awards, and Scholarships.

    Ruth W. Berenda Fellowship
    Established by an alumna of The New School in tribute to her beloved professors Max Wertheimer and Wolfgang Kohler, the Berenda Fellowship is awarded annually to an outstanding doctoral candidate in the Department of Psychology working in areas of the field that were of central concern to the Gestalt psychologists — perception, memory, and cognition.

    Eberstadt Dissertation Fellowship Fund
    The Eberstadt Dissertation Fellowship Fund was established in 1994 by members of the Visiting Committee (now board of governors) of NSSR in honor of Walter A. Eberstadt, founding chair of the Visiting Committee and its chairman from 1983 to 1994, in recognition of his outstanding leadership and commitment to The New School for Social Research. This award is made annually to a promising doctoral candidate currently working on a dissertation.

    Elinor Goldmark Black Fellowship for Advanced Studies in the Dynamics of Social Change
    This fellowship has been established by Algernon D. Goldmark Black to enable outstanding PhD students at The New School for Social Research to pursue research into the processes of social change. The recipients of this fellowship are expected to demonstrate commitment, through their studies, research, and personal lives, to peace, equality, and democracy, especially in the United States.

    Brecht Dissertation Fellowships
    This fellowship, established in memory of Arnold Brecht, is awarded every two years to an outstanding doctoral candidate in the Department of Political Science.

    David M. Gordon Dissertation Fellowship
    This fellowship, established in memory of David M. Gordon, will benefit students working on their dissertations in economics at The New School for Social Research, with priority consideration given to students pursuing topics that were of major interest to Dr. Gordon.

    Levinson Dissertation Fellowship
    This fellowship, established by Barbara Levinson, is awarded to students who are completing their doctoral dissertations.

    John R. and Elsie Everett Fellowship
    This fellowship was established by the board of trustees in 1982 in honor of Dr. John Rutherford Everett, president of The New School for Social Research from 1964 to 1982, and his wife, Elsie, who so generously shared in his burdens and responsibilities. Honoring the growth and creativity that characterized President Everett's tenure, it is awarded each year to students who have demonstrated not only outstanding academic ability but also the originality of thought that marks them as likely to make a significant contribution to knowledge, the arts, or the community.

    Robert Heilbroner Fellowship
    The Robert Heilbroner Fellowship at The New School for Social Research was established in honor of Robert Heilbroner, the beloved Norman Thomas Professor Emeritus of Economics, who passed away on January 4, 2005. The fellowship is awarded to doctoral candidates in economics writing their dissertations.

    Hiram J. Halle Fellowship
    This fellowship is awarded annually to doctoral candidates of outstanding merit who, in the opinion of the faculty, have given evidence of special competence and originality.

    Alvin Johnson Fellowships
    The Alvin Johnson Fellowships were endowed in 1969 through the generosity of Frank Altschul of New York City. The fellowships are awarded annually to doctoral candidates who show unusual scholastic promise.

    Arthur J. Vidich Dissertation Fellowship
    This fellowship, established in 2008 in memory of Arthur J. Vidich, will benefit students working on their dissertations in sociology at The New School for Social Research, with priority consideration given to students pursuing topics that were of major interest to Dr. Vidich. These include but are not limited to community studies, bureaucracy in modern society, the student of American culture, and international culture and politics.  Special consideration will be given to students who pursue such interests through fieldwork.

      Additional Information for International Students

      International students who qualify for aid should be aware that amounts awarded rarely meet the cost of tuition and never match the full cost of living expenses. All foreign applicants are urged to research all sources of aid from government and private organizations in their own countries before leaving, since it is extremely difficult to obtain aid after arrival in the United States.

      Students are eligible to apply for on-campus jobs, most of which pay a maximum of $20 per hour. International students may work in their on-campus jobs for up to 20 hours per week when classes are in session and 40 hours per week during breaks. In addition, all fellowship or scholarship monies that come from U.S. sources that are not designated for tuition and fees — such as stipends, travel grants, and grants for research expenses — are subject to a 14 percent U.S. taxation withholding rate unless, on the basis of a tax treaty, documentation can be submitted to the university exempting the student from withholding.

      Funding for Exchange and Overseas Study

      Small scholarships are available to support exchange and overseas study programs. Exchange programs enable students from partner institutions to study at The New School for Social Research for one year and enable students to study overseas for one or two semesters or pursue language study for a summer. Current exchange partners include Humboldt University in Berlin, Johann Wolfgang Goethe University in Frankfurt, the University of Bremen, and the Technical University of Dresden. Advanced doctoral students with demonstrated teaching experience may from time to time be invited to teach at one of the exchange universities while conducting dissertation research.

      New School for Social Research students frequently travel overseas during the summer for language programs and field research and during the year for research and study at other universities. Students can also participate in summer and winter intersemester programs coordinated by the Transregional Center for Democratic Studies.

      Commencement Awards

      The New School for Social Research grants the following awards at Commencement for outstanding work and dissertations in the specified areas. Recipients are nominated by their departments and selected by the Committee on Admissions, Awards, and Scholarships.

      • Outstanding MA Graduate Awards (given by each department)
      • Distinguished Alumni Award
      • Hannah Arendt Memorial Award in Politics
      • Stanley Diamond Memorial Award in the Social Sciences
      • Edith Henry Johnson Memorial Award in Economics, Civic Affairs, and Education
      • Hans Jonas Memorial Award in Philosophy
      • Alfred J. Marrow Memorial Award in Psychology
      • Irvin Rock Memorial Award in Psychology
      • Albert Salomon Memorial Award in Sociology
      • Alfred Schutz Memorial Award in Philosophy and Sociology
      • Frieda Wunderlich Memorial Award for an outstanding dissertation by an international student