The New School for Social Research

MA in General Psychology

  • Ingmar, a PhD candidate in Clinical Psychology, is on the cutting edge of new therapeutic approaches to the treatment of PTSD.

    This degree provides the student with a basic education in psychology and is a prerequisite for more specialized work leading to the PhD degree. Students must take three courses in general psychology; three in personality, social, developmental, and abnormal psychology; and a research methods course. Students who intend to go on to a PhD program must demonstrate knowledge of elementary statistics, either by passing an exemption examination or by passing a basic statistics course. Students must take the noncredit proseminar as soon as possible after admission to the program. The Master of Arts in Psychology is awarded for completion of 30 credits with a grade point average of at least 3.0. The first 18 credits must be introductory-level courses; no advanced or seminar courses may be taken until 18 credits have been completed.

    Research MA Track
    This program offers a select group of students an intensive research experience working in apprenticeship to a member of the faculty. Application to the Research program must be made after completing at least 18 credits and not more than 24 credits. Applicants must have at least a 3.7 GPA to be considered and must maintain this average while in the program. Each Research MA student works closely with an assigned faculty member, writes an empirical master's thesis, and defends the thesis in an oral examination. Participants are exempt from MA (and PhD) research methods requirements. They are also exempt from part I of the PhD qualifying examination. A maximum of one and a half years is allowed for the completion of the master's thesis.