The New School for Social Research

Department Activities

  • Other activities, events, and resources available to philosophy students include the following:

    The Hannah Arendt/Reiner Schürmann Memorial Symposium in Political Philosophy, held each semester on two consecutive days, with the participation of American and foreign scholars.

    The Husserl Archives, the most extensive collection of Husserl’s unpublished writings in active use outside Europe.

    The Graduate Faculty Philosophy Journal is a professional publication dedicated to providing a forum in which contemporary authors engage with the history of philosophy and its traditions. The journal is published twice yearly, and is edited and operated by advanced graduate students in the Department of Philosophy at The New School for Social Research.

    The Graduate Faculty Philosophy Student Forum, a forum for exchange of ideas among students and for the expression of student opinion to the faculty.

    People in Support of Women in Philosophy, a "publication support group" composed of both women and men within the graduate program of the philosophy department. Our overall goal is the advancement of women and minorities in philosophy via professional development. The group meets weekly to discuss a member’s paper to prepare the work for either conference presentation or publication. We are committed to providing a forum in which women’s voices are privileged and rigorous discussion of women’s philosophical work can take place. Although Women in Philosophy has its origins in the study of explicitly feminist philosophy, its focus has expanded to include the breadth of topics addressed by women philosophers. We see this forum as an important alternative to the consistent minority position of women within philosophy departments, philosophy classrooms, and other philosophical forums. Women in Philosophy is by no means a replacement for such forums, but rather a critical space outside the standard academic environment where women in this field can develop their potential.

    Philosophy Graduate Student Conference, held annually during the spring semester. Invited scholars as well as graduate students attend the annual conference to discuss an array of philosophical topics.

    Guest lectures by distinguished American or European scholars, held on Thursday evenings.