The New School for Social Research

Career Services

Searchable Databases

  • The database reports in the sidebar to the right provide lists of institutions offering internship, fellowship, and grant opportunities likely to be of interest to graduate students at The New School for Social Research. Each database has been exported into an Excel spreadsheet. The first worksheet of each file contains instructions. The content starts on sheet two.

    On the content worksheet, the information about each institution is separated into columns. By default, the list is organized alphabetically by institution name. By selecting column headers, you can re-sort the list according to the category you would like. The spreadsheets are updated each semester. For the most up-to-date information about job opportunities, go to NSSR Career Hub.

    Search Instructions

    Enter Ctrl+F and type in the keywords for the type of grant you are seeking. You can search by field, by words within the fields, or by deadline (date, month).

    To refine your search, apply a filter to your search criteria to one range on the worksheet at a time:

    1. Select a cell in the range you want to filter.
    2. On the Data menu, point to Filter; then select AutoFilter.
    3. Select the arrow in the column that contains the numbers, and select your desired criteria.
    4. In the box on the left, select Equals or Does Not Equal; Contains or Does Not Contain.
    5. In the box on the right, enter the text you want to define the filter.

    To remove filters and view the entire original document again, point to Filter on the Data menu and then select AutoFilter.