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    The Department of Sociology offers a distinctive approach to the investigation of social life. This approach builds on The New School's historical connections to European social science to develop our tradition of critical inquiry and engage with contemporary debates and academic communities globally.

    The department has defined some core areas of research that reflect the interests of the faculty: social inequalities; culture and politics; law, rights, and citizenship; historical and comparative sociology; and cities and publics. We emphasize theoretically-informed ethnographic, historical, and interpretive inquiry into the significant social issues of our times in local, national, and transnational contexts. Our department is a vibrant hub of scholarship and intellectual life for our students, faculty, and visitors from many countries.

    The Master of Arts program provides a thorough grounding in the historical, theoretical, and methodological development of sociology and gives students the tools to apply this knowledge in the world around them.

    At the PhD level, the program offers qualified scholars the theories and methods necessary to develop sociological study in innovative and imaginative ways in sustained treatment of a single topic across disciplinary boundaries and/or subcategories of the field.

    Through the department's activities, our goal is to help students better understand the major transformations in modern and postmodern societies and to prepare them for the normative or analytical challenges these transformations continually pose.

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