The New School for Social Research

Academic Affairs

Student Activities

  • To get a sense of the diversity of the activities that are constantly happening on campus, you can find The New School for Social Research on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. The New School for Social Research is part of a rich and vibrant university community. You can learn about speaker series, performances, conferences, and programs of all kinds happening across The New School at the University Events Calendar. Videos of recent events, many of which feature faculty, students, and alumni of The New School for Social Research, are available on The New School's YouTube Page.

    Departmental Student Organizations

    Departmental activities, groups, and organizations are an integral part of student life at The New School for Social Research. Department- and program-related student associations currently include the Anthropology Student Association, Economics Student Union, Historical Studies Student Association, Liberal Studies Students' Association, Philosophy Forum, People in Support of Women in Philosophy, Union of Political Science Students, Psychology Student Union, and Sociology Student Association. These organizations serve as a channel for student input into departmental or committee affairs. They organize colloquia, conferences, and social events intended to enhance students' academic and personal experience at The New School for Social Research. Students are also encouraged to form their own associations around common interests.

    Graduate Faculty Student Senate (GFSS)

    The Graduate Faculty Student Senate (GFSS) the representational student governance body for The New School for Social Research (NSSR). It is charged with representing student interests across departments, and it is the student liaison to the NSSR administration. GFSS is the students' liaison to the dean and administration and to the University Student Senate (USS). GFSS also oversees the Student Fee Board, which allocates funds to students presenting at academic conferences and to the student journal canon. Delegates are elected to GFSS by the students of each department. Election to the senate makes students eligible to serve on various divisional committees. While voting rights are granted only to departmental representatives, all NSSR students are invited to participate in the GFSS. Click to see the GFSS constitution and statement of recognition. Email:

    Dean's Advisory Council

    The New School for Social Research Dean's Advisory Council consists of the NSSR Student Senate delegates, departmental student advisors, and other department representatives. The council meets with the dean on a regular basis throughout the academic year to discuss matters related to the quality of student life and the needs of the college in general. At the university level, a similar advisory body with representatives from each of the university's colleges meets regularly with the president of The New School. The members representing The New School for Social Research are chosen by the NSSR Student Senate delegates. Elected student representatives are expected to attend meetings and report to their constituents on a regular basis.