Parsons Paris

  • The BFA Fashion Design program immerses you in the thriving world of Paris fashion. Along with forward-thinking designers and managers, you'll develop the skills necessary to express your own voice while being challenged to evolve in the fashion and luxury industry.

    As a student at Parsons Paris, you'll also have access to the expertise of the Fashion Design faculty of Parsons School of Design in New York and the resources of The New School's alumni networks. Our New York and Paris campuses share curriculum, and as a student, you have the opportunity to study in and explore both metropolitan centers.

    Because of its exceptional range of high-end Maisons with specific aesthetics and identities, Paris is a laboratory where you can take advantage of unique perspectives and experiment with new design methods. Through various studio projects and a diverse set of faculty-led technical and theoretical courses, you'll establish contact with Paris-based fashion designers and companies, gaining a wider perspective on the practices that lead to design innovation.

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    Offered both in New York City and at Parsons Paris, our holistic design curriculum employs concept, experimentation, and research through 2D, 3D, and 4D processes. You'll learn to balance hand-making and digital skills with an integrated approach to design, thus honing your technique and creative vision.

    In your freshman year, you'll explore art and design theory and practices. The curriculum offers a survey of approaches to art and design that will prepare you for the undergraduate programs at Parsons and enable you to envision paths beyond the confines of a single discipline.

    As a sophomore, you'll discover the work of influential fashion designers in Paris, exploring the nexus between society, dress, technique, and aesthetic. You'll also be introduced to Parisian couture crafts as a means of developing cutting-edge research.

    In your junior year, you'll be fully immersed in the heart of a French design company and be introduced to design processes, brand identity, marketing, merchandising, and communication. After investigating the identity of an existing fashion brand, you'll use iterative thinking to reimagine its codes, cultivating a personal vision and developing an original design project that reflects your own brand identity.

    In the last year of your BFA, you'll conduct a senior thesis research project and design a final collection under the supervision of our exceptional design faculty. A panel of industry experts will help inform and refine your collection creatively, practically, and artistically.