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Strategic Design and Management (Global Executive, MS)

  • Academically rigorous and industry focused, the Global Executive Master of Science in Strategic Design and Management with Parsons School of Design, the No. 1 art and design school in the United States, is specially designed for ambitious professionals and entrepreneurs eager to transform their organizations’ approach to business. Over the course of 18 months, a select group of diverse professionals engage in a series of three-day seminars held at Parsons’ hub in Paris, combined with online learning, hands-on studios, and global experiences in cities around the world.

    The new global economy is an ever-changing ecosystem increasingly driven by innovation, creativity, and collaboration. Understanding the complexities — and possibilities — of this landscape is essential to leading groundbreaking business strategies and pushing all kinds of industries to the next level. Start your journey today and shape the future of business.

    Flexible Schedule for Working Professionals

    The Global Executive Master of Science in Strategic Design and Management is designed to accommodate the demanding schedules of working professionals. Cohort members complete the entire program in 18 months while keeping their current jobs. In addition, the blended format of online and on-campus intensive learning offers participants the flexibility needed to balance academic, professional, and personal commitments.

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    The World Is Our Campus

    Our Global Executive program lives up to its name, offering a uniquely global and modern experience. It combines weekend intensives at our Parsons Paris campus, followed by online coursework and week-long studio intensives held at our hubs in New York City and Shanghai — giving students firsthand exposure to the challenges and opportunities presented by the 21st-century global economy.

    Strategy and Leadership for the 21st-Century Economy

    The innovative approach of the Global Executive MS in Strategic Design and Management responds to the needs of the new economy. Students in the program partner with companies to collaboratively find solutions to challenging problems and advance entrepreneurial efforts. In addition, the program cultivates global engagement as the cohort travels to different cities that are part of the Parsons network, such as New York, Paris, and Shanghai, to build relationships and familiarity with different systems.

    Design Thinking

    The coursework is structured to replicate real-world industry scenarios, giving the cohort hands-on experience in new business model development, creative team management, and the design of solutions. The Global Executive MS in Strategic Design and Management’s inclusion of design thinking as an essential component of management and leadership equips students to better understand problems, unlock hidden needs, and design groundbreaking innovations to address those needs. Design thinking allows leaders to solve the most complex of problems using empathy, experimentation, observation, and ethnographic research to reach holistic solutions.

    Industry Focus

    The Global Executive MS in Strategic Design and Management program gives disruptors and innovators the opportunity to enhance their skill set, enabling them to lead creative change in their industries. The program exposes cohorts to new industry contexts and practices, both within and outside of design-intensive industries. The program has served as a creative hub for students from various industries, such as banking and finance, law, media, and human resources.

    Expanding Your Global Network

    The Global Executive MS in Strategic Design and Management is designed for professionals who have demanding schedules but want to dedicate time to revamping their skill set. The program lasts 18 months, and students need to be out of the office for a total of only 18 days. In the program, they develop lifelong professional and personal relationships with classmates, program faculty, and industry leaders from around the world.

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