Parsons Paris

  • Dean's Office

    Florence Leclerc-Dickler

    Dean, Parsons Paris

    Florence Leclerc-Dickler is the dean of Parsons Paris. She is also senior director for Strategic Academic Partnerships and works on both campuses — New York and Paris — of The New School. Leclerc-Dickler has spent most of her life abroad and currently lives in the United States and France. She obtained her master's degree in translation from the École de Traduction et d’Interprétation of Geneva, Switzerland, as well as an MBA in Marketing from SUNY New Paltz. For a number of years, she chaired the Foreign Languages Department at The New School in New York, where she taught all levels of French language and culture. In 2013, she moved back to France to relaunch Parsons Paris. Leclerc-Dickler is also an associate professor of foreign languages and a novelist.

    Loren Ringer

    Director of Administration and Planning

    Loren Ringer has been in the field of international education for the last 20 years. As an administrator of study abroad programs in Brittany, Paris, and Barcelona, Ringer has worked closely with students as an educator, mentor, and guide. A dual citizen of France and the United States, he enjoys helping students, faculty, and staff develop the cross-cultural skills necessary to live and work abroad and to interact with international teams. He applies the same skills to find creative solutions in the daily administration of Parsons Paris. Ringer holds a PhD in French Literature from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and has published a book and numerous articles and reviews in the fields of literature, live theater performance, and international education.

    Edward S. Mills III

    Senior Director of Faculty Affairs, Academic Planning, and Registration

    Edward Mills began as director of Student Life and Advising at The New School Parsons Paris in June 2013, building, implementing, and heading the offices of Student Life, Student Services, and Academic Advising. Prior to joining Parsons Paris, Mills served as director of Auxiliary and Summer Programs at Hackley School in Tarrytown, New York. Before that, he served for six years as academic director of the International School of Management in Paris, France. Mills earned his MA in Political Science at UNC, jointly with Sciences Po, and his BA at Skidmore College. He recently completed the Management Development Program at the Harvard Institutes for Higher Education.

    Arnaud Hédin

    Assistant Director of Faculty Affairs and Academic Planning

    Arnaud Hédin studied French as a foreign language (Maîtrise FLE) at the University of Nottingham and the Université Paris V Sorbonne and French literature at the University of Chicago. He taught French courses at both the University of Chicago and the University of Chicago Center in Paris. He holds a Maîtrise in LCE anglais (Université Paris Diderot).

    Karen Decter

    Administrative Assistant and Event Coordinator

    Lisa Sarma

    Director of Communication and Marketing Initiatives


    Mike Fakih

    Senior Director of Enrollment and Admissions

    Mike Fakih has lived in North America, Africa, Europe, and the Middle East and for eight years worked at Sciences Po Paris as director of the Europe-Africa Program and associate director of the Middle Eastern Program. His role encompassed project development, institutional partnerships, and notably developing international admissions and promotion. He also taught seminars on corporate social responsibility and media studies. Previously he worked on the founding and launch of an international sustainable development forum in France and was also a journalist in the Middle East. Fakih earned his MPA from Sciences Po and also completed an MA and BA in Political Science at Saginaw Valley State University in the United States. 

    Catherine Born

    Assistant Director of Admissions

    Catherine Born is a native of Berkeley, California, and earned her BA in Spanish Language and International Studies at the University of Wisconsin, Madison. In addition to working as an English language instructor in the United States, Spain, and Japan, she has worked at international human rights organizations with a focus on migration and refugees. Catherine moved to France in 2016 and has enjoyed applying her international experience to her work at the Office of Admission.

    Laura Fried

    Admission Counselor 

    Laura Fried graduated from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill with a BA double major in Psychology and Journalism & Mass Communication. Fried previously worked as a pre-college and high school completion advisor at the Academy of Art University in San Francisco. Before moving to France, she lived and worked in Germany, the Czech Republic, Australia, and New Zealand.

    Student Success

    Ruthie Kroah

    Senior Director for Student Success

    Fabienne Maître

    Director of Student Support and Crisis Management

    Fabienne Maître has worked for the past six years for Parsons Paris, first in the Office of Student Life and then in the Office of Student Success. A PhD and professor of literature (Paris-4 Sorbonne, 2005), Maître has worked for more than 15 years for American universities in Paris, including Stanford, Emory, Duke, and Cornell. She has also collaborated with Paris Catholic University, Dauphine University, and Ecole Supérieure des Arts et Techniques (ESAT) as a drama instructor. She currently teaches contemporary British drama at Paris-3 Sorbonne Nouvelle in the Art and Media Department. 

    Emily Jiang-Poulard 

    Coordinator of Student Success

    Virginie Grillet

    Director of Careers and Internships

    Originally from Lille, the French city formerly known for its textile industry, Virginie Grillet studied business and harp. After graduating, she worked in marketing as a consultant and home textiles as a product manager for 15 years. Grillet spent more than ten years working abroad (in Shanghai, Bangalore, Tokyo, and Düsseldorf), gaining valuable international experience that she is now bringing to Parsons Paris. Before joining Parsons Paris, she searched for young talent and leading figures in Europe for a Japanese recruitment company. She participated in career fairs, held seminars for students, and prepared them for job interviews at Japanese companies. Grillet is developing a number of student success initiatives and services, including internship opportunities, events on campus, relationships with employers, student mentoring, and alumni programming.

    Allison Brown

    Director of Student Life

    Allison Brown is originally from Baltimore and has been living in Paris since 2011. She earned a bachelor’s in business administration with a concentration in international business at Towson University, graduating with honors. While at the university, she spent a semester at NEOMA Business School (formerly Rouen Business School). Before coming to API Parsons Paris, Brown worked in housing for foreign students in Paris and then in project management in luxury hospitality.

    Yuné Jang

    API-Parsons Paris 

    Originally from South Korea, Yuné Jang attended Ewha Womans University in Seoul, where she studied English literature and language. She spent two semesters as an exchange student in Bristol, Tennessee, where she discovered the joy of being surrounded by people from different cultural backgrounds. She then moved to Lyon, France, to continue to explore the world and stayed there for one semester. After finishing her studies, Jang began working at the global research company TNS. She then took a position as an e-commerce specialist at Air France KLM Korea, where she collaborated with colleagues from around the world. In 2016, Jang moved to France and started writing articles about Paris, which continue to be published on Air France Korea blog now. Jang began working as a student life coordinator at API in July 2018; she now helps students at Parsons Paris with questions about health insurance, housing, immigration, and other matters.  

    Rose Tierny

    API-Parsons Paris 

    Originally from Paris, Rose Tierny started volunteering for an international exchange program NGO called Youth For Understanding after doing a gap year in Iowa where she lived in immersion with an American family while studying at university. During her last eight years of volunteering for the organization, she learned to develop, lead, and facilitate trainings in intercultural competencies and self-responsibility. 

    While earning her trilingual bachelor's in applied foreign languages (French, English, and Spanish), specializing in media and communication, at Paris Nanterre University, Tierny spent a semester studying at the UPAEP in Mexico and at the USAL in Argentina. She then earned a trilingual master’s in intercultural and international management, specializing in international travel management. Before coming to Parsons Paris with Academic Programs International, Tierny worked as a program advisor for Cultural Experiences Abroad in Paris. She also worked in Denmark as a workshop facilitator and program development assistant in charge of intercultural project management at YFU Danmark.

    Technology and Campus Resources

    Ivan Twohig

    Director of Technology and Campus Resources

    Ivan Twohig is a visual artist, designer, and educator from Dublin, Ireland. Before assuming his role in Parsons Paris, Twohig initiated the highly successful public making space Makeshop, and his artwork has been included in exhibitions in Ireland, France, Norway, Germany, and China. Twohig is curious about how things work and how materials and technology can be used to communicate ideas. His current artistic research focuses on skeuomorphism in digital interfaces. Twohig received a BA in Fine Art Sculpture from the Galway-Mayo Institute of Technology and a MA in Art in the Digital World from the National College of Art and Design, Dublin.

    Joseph Sobel

    Artist and Technician