Parsons Paris

Student Profiles

  • Emerge a Critical Thinker and Maker

    At Parsons Paris, we balance structure and freedom so that you learn to create and think for yourself — and with others. Our approach to education makes space for bold debate and experimentation and creates learning opportunities out of failure. Undergraduate programs — BBA Strategic Design and Management; BFA Art, Media, and Technology; and BFA Fashion Design — bring together a range of disciplines and perspectives, challenging convention, giving rise to new fields, and sparking entrepreneurial responses to the demands of modern life. Graduate programs — MA History of Design and Curatorial Studies, MA Fashion Studies, and MFA Design and Technology — inspire you to invent new ways to mediate the cultural sphere. Enmeshed in their industries and the city, faculty engage you in projects and creative methods that develop your critical thinking and problem-solving capacities and secure your place in the creative economy.

    Shown below are members of the Parsons Paris community, students who are preparing for a future in art or design by combining design and a variety of disciplines. They are studying in Paris, New York, or both, benefiting from learning in global centers with unique resources and a range of teaching practices and methodologies. In their own words, they share why they came to Parsons Paris.