Parsons Paris

  • Course Information

    Where are classes held?

    Courses are held at Parsons Paris, located at 45 rue Saint-Roch in the first arrondissement.

    Are classes taught in French?

    Classes are taught in English.

    When are classes scheduled?

    Depending on the type of course, classes will be either half-days or full days. All classes start at 9:00 a.m.

    Will I have homework?

    Due to the intensive nature of the classes, students should expect daily homework. Many classes are project based.

    What supplies will I need?

    Students will receive supply lists approximately two weeks before classes begin by email. Students can bring materials from home or buy supplies at a local art supply store in Paris. Please be mindful of airline luggage restrictions.

    What do I need to know about transportation from the airport?

    What do I need to know about housing?



    How do I apply?

    Parsons Paris is working with Academic Programs International (API), an established study abroad program provider, to facilitate the enrollment management and on-site support services for the 2019 summer intensive studies program in Paris.

    Below are links to pages where you can read more about the programs and apply to the program.



    Please click the yellow "Apply Now" button in the top right-hand corner to create your or your student's online account.

    All students will create an account through API and will then be prompted to gather or complete the application materials. These include:

    • Grade report (pre-college) or transcript (college)
    • Letter of recommendation
    • Course registration form

    What happens after you turn in all application materials?

    1. The API program manager will review your application within two to three business days.
    2. You will be emailed notice of acceptance and information on next steps.

    What happens after you are accepted to the program?

    1. You will be asked to confirm your participation by submitting a $400 confirmation deposit and an Intent-to-Enroll form (ITE). Course registration will be processed only after these two items have been submitted.
    2. You will have until the final payment deadline to complete remaining post-acceptance forms and make payments.
    Find out more on payment information.

    What if I still have questions?

    Any questions can be directed to the Parsons Paris summer program manager at API, Vija G. Mendelson, at