Business Design for Social Impact (Online)

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    Certificate Details

    • Number of Courses: 4 online courses
    • Timeline to completion: Courses last six weeks or less. Most students take two courses per semester. The certificate must be completed in two years; many students finish in two semesters.
    • Cost: $577 per course; $2,308 total

    Harness the power of the design process to create and develop your own socially innovative business, or master strategies for leading socially conscious initiatives within your company. Each course builds on the one before, taking students from concept to venture, from prototyping to validating and creating a tested proof of concept. Students emerge with forward-looking business skills that enable them to effectively create business models, lead organizations, and pitch socially relevant ventures to investors.

    Course Sequence

    1) Introduction to Design, Social Impact, and Entrepreneurship


    This course introduces students to a human-centered design process and the way it can be applied to develop enterprises with social impact. It also introduces a social justice lens, integrating issues of power and privilege into the design process. Students have an opportunity to practice the methods of discovery and ideation to gain a deeper understanding of the unmet need they are hoping to address through their own venture. This course serves as a foundation for the courses that follow in the Business Design for Social Impact Certificate.

    2) Designing Impact: From Idea to Proof of Concept


    In this course, students solidify their own social venture idea and will learn skills and strategies with which to create and test prototypes of their venture ideas as a means of developing a proof of concept. They also deepen their understanding of the ecosystem (field or industry) in which they are working and adapt their theory of change in order to strategically intervene in that system to achieve scalable impact.

    3) Business Models and Strategy for Social Impact 


    In this course, students learn how to create a business model for a mission-driven venture. They test, validate, and adapt approaches to implementing their venture's vision while learning the ins and outs of designing a business model, using business model tools and lean start-up methodologies.

    4) Launch and Scale Your Social Impact Venture 


    Have you ever had an entrepreneurial idea that you knew would change the world but not known how to take the next steps? In Launch and Scale Your Social Impact Venture, students learn from an experienced entrepreneur and start-up investor how to assemble the key resources needed to take the next steps in making an idea a reality.