• The system for maintaining your faculty listing on the Parsons website allows you to directly access and update your individual biographical content. Please read below for instructions and related notes.

    Your current faculty page

    To view your current faculty page, visit the Parsons Faculty page and select your name from the list.

    Access page

    To update your bio and related information, such as research interests and portfolio, visit the University Faculty Bio Manager

    Login credentials

    Your login credentials consist of your username (such as ParsJ123) and your password associated with your New School username.


    The photo associated with your faculty profile page is the photo of you that appears in the university directory. To change it, refer to University Directory FAQs. Other exceptions cannot be made at this time.

    Please note: Google search results may show an older photo even after you update your directory photo to a new one. Older photos will eventually clear out of search results, but the amount of time that it takes for this to happen can vary widely. This is not something that Parsons can fix or control. The more frequently your updated profile page is visited, the more quickly older versions should clear out of search results.

    Name, title, contact information, topics/categories, and current courses

    The system automatically pulls your name, title, contact information, and current courses from the data that populates the university directory. To update these fields, please refer to and follow the procedures outlined in the University Directory FAQs. To update your Topics and Categories, please select your areas of focus under this section by selecting each checkbox that applies, which will allow for users to search faculty by areas of interest.