• Profile:

    Adriana Valdez Young is a people-centered designer, researcher, and content strategist working at the intersection of design, technology, and cities. She has over a decade of experience teaching  urban design history, social innovation, and design research. She holds a B.A. in history from Brown University and an MSc. in city design and social science from the London School of Economics.

    Adriana works independently as a design researcher and content producer for urban technology platforms. Most recently, she was the head of brand and marketing for Stae, a platform for cities to manage real-time data. Previously, she led consumer research and insights for littleBits, a DIY hardware product for kids and educators to invent their own technology. She also currently leads research as an advisory board member for Pono, New York City’s only outdoor, democratic school for children.

    Her own design research work focuses on immigrant and refugee communities and their agency in shaping their own urban surroundings. She has led independent research on informal economies of migrant and refugee communities in London, Kuwait, and Ahmedabad. She is the lead author of numerous articles on the politics of inclusive public space for publications such as the Journal of Urban Technology, Makeshift Magazine, GOOD, and Ethnography Matters, and CITY Journal. She regularly speaks and leads workshops globally on her own art interventions in public space.

    Current Courses:

    Ind Proj: Design Research

    Integrative Studio 2 (Spring 2020)