• Profile:

    Aya is an interaction designer, artist, and writer who combines design and technology to explore new approaches to reading, writing, and storytelling. Aya’s work has a particular focus on how interface and performance may enable (or disable) access, communication, and participation.


    In 14 years of work in the user experience industry, she has created marketing and service design projects for brands such as IBM, Samsung, Google, Lego, Sesame Workshop, Martha Stewart, and Nike.

    Aya is also active in the digital literature community, and has exhibited work, performed, and lectured across the United States and internationally. Most recently, she led a video poetry workshop at Animator, an international animated film festival now in its tenth year.
    She created one of the first literary iPhone apps, Shadows Never Sleep. Aya holds Master’s degrees in Interactive Telecommunications (New York University) and Literary Arts (Brown University). She received her black belt in aikido studying under Imaizumi Shizuo Sensei.

    Research Interests:

    interaction design, history of interface, digital literature, digital poetry

    Current Courses:

    History of Interface

    History of Interface (Spring 2020)

    Major Studio 2

    Major Studio 2 (Spring 2020)

    Thesis Studio 1