• Profile:

    Carol Overby's experience as financial consultant to creative industries enriches her teaching of management skills in the BBA program. She is fascinated by the many ways that individuals (mis)understand finance and numbers, and co-founded the Visualizing Finance Lab to research ways of improving financial literacy through visual storytelling. Carol also promotes quantitative literacy across the university, and serves on the board of the National Numeracy Network.

    Professor Overby continues translating left-brain concepts for right-brain thinkers in her professional practice, providing accounting, financial, and management consulting for design firms and other creative enterprises. Clients have included Edward Larrabee Barnes/John M.Y. Lee Architects, Ken Schaffer Wireless, Celluloid Records, Stiff Records, Larry Busacca Photography, Essex Works (stone casting), Atlas Industries (furniture design/fabrication), Odegard Carpets, and The Paris Review. At New York Designs, a business incubator, Carol has consulted and led workshops for creative entrepreneurs.

    MBA University of Chicago; BA Shimer College; full-time faculty since 2006.

    Research Interests:

    entrepreneurism,  financial literacy, narrative visualization, visual metaphor, quantitative literacy

    Current Courses:

    Accounting Fundamentals (Spring 2021)

    Basic Business Structure (Spring 2021)

    Financial Management

    Quantitative Reasoning I