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    Growing up in Soviet era Ukraine, Irina always had an eye for fashion and was the go-to local expert for creative designs. She started her career as a sample maker at a small atelier shop in Kiev before earning a Masters degree in Fashion Design and Pattern making Technology from Kiev Fashion Institute of Technology in 1976. In the late 90's Irina moved to NY where she earned an AAS degree in Pattern Making from FIT. Since then she has worked with a variety of designers and brands including Victoria Secret catalogue. She also helped with the launch of In the Now line that was part of the Gen Art collaboration in 2001. For the last eight years Irina has been working with Shin Choi as a production patternmaker.Irina has over 30 years of industry experience in Eastern Europe and USA. She specializes in women's sportswear, eveningwear, suits and coats. Her specific expertise is in creative draping, flat pattern making and garment construction. She has extensive experience in sample pattern making for fashion shows as well as production pattern making. In Irina's words: "I enjoy working with designers on creating beautiful and well-constructed garments by day and passing my knowledge to students by night. I have worked with Parsons students for over 10 years and am always excited to meet new creative geniuses. I always encourage my students to be creative, but to also remember that fashion should be worn and not admired on the mannequin!"

    Research Interests:

    fashion design ,fashion studies,fashion technology,pattern construction,sewing

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    Construction 2 (Spring 2021)

    Construction 3

    Tailoring Techniques:

    Tailoring Techniques: (Spring 2021)