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    James Montalbano's professional career began as a public school graphic arts teacher, trying to get his young students interested in letterpress, offset and silk screen printing. When told he would have to teach wood shop, he quit and went off to graduate school. He returned to NYC and found work in the wild world of type shops and magazine art departments. He studied lettering with Ed Benguiat, and that, as they say, changed everything. His career continued as a magazine art director, eventually becoming a design director responsible for 20 trade magazines whose subject matter no one should be required to remember. He tried his hand at designing pharmaceutical packaging, but that only made him ill. When his nausea subsided, he started Terminal Design, Inc., and hasn't been sick since. Since 1990 Terminal Design has specialized in typeface design, font development and digital lettering. It has designed custom fonts and lettering for editorial, corporate, government, and publishing clients.Over the last fifteen years Montalbano has been working on the Clearview type system for text, display, roadway and interior signage. In 2010 the ClearviewHwy family of fonts was included in the Cooper-Hewitt's design triennial, "Why Design Now?". In 2011 the entire family of Clearview fonts were acquired by the Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum's permanent collection. His work has been featured in the "New York Times", "The New York Times Magazine", "Print", "Creative Review", "ID" and "Wired". He is a past president of the Type Directors Club (TDC).

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    Advanced Typography (Fall 2018)

    Typeface Design