• Jean Gardner

    Associate Professor of Social-Ecological History and Design


    Jean Gardner is an activist, writer, teacher, public speaker, and visionary on Design for a Living Earth. She is an Associate Professor of Social-Ecological History and Design, The School for Constructed Environments, Parsons School for Design. The summer of 2012 Ms. Gardner was a core collaborator on Paul Ryan’s Threeing Pavilion for dOCUMENTA 13, an international exhibition in Kassel Germany with over 800,000 visitors. She has served on many design juries, including the Buckminster Fuller Challenge, where she is an Expert Advisor. She organized, with the Baum Forum, the first conference in the United States on the relation between Water, Hydro-Fracking, our Food Supply and the Living Earth. Gardner also wrote the first book on Urban Wilderness: Nature in New York City. She is co- author with Brian McGrath of Cinemetrics: Architecture Drawing Today. The National AIA Committee on the Environment awarded her graduate course "Issues and Practices in Architecture and Urbanism" special recognition for eco-literacy teaching. The New York City Chapter of the AIA awarded her a Special Citation for her work as an Urban Ecologist, Author, and Educator in both the architectural field and in the public realm. Gardner was part of a team, led by architect David Rockwell, to commemorate 9/11, exhibited at the 2002 Venice Biennale. "The Hall of Risk" is a participatory center for conflict resolution. Her current research focuses on design practice and pedagogy and their relationship to the creation of present ecological problems, such as climate change.

    Research Interests:

    architecture,sustainable design,urban design,urban ecologies,urban studies

    Current Courses:

    Body and Mind (Spring 2020)

    Comm Engage & Design

    Sustainable Systems

    Sustainable Systems (Spring 2021)