• Johanne Woodcock

    Associate Professor of Interior Design


    Johanne Woodcock is an Associate Professor of Interior Design at Parsons, in the School of Constructed Environments at The New School. She is a certified Interior Designer and Registered Architect. Her creative practices, 'White Box / Black Box Design', focuses on design proposals that use color and ornament in the interior. Johanne's work on painted walls is organized in the following three areas: Abstraction Study: Tint, Shade and Shadow; Illusion Study in Reflection, Movement and Submersion: Complementary Contrasts and Narrative Study: Saturation. In her design work and with her students, she poses the question  'What is meaningful ornament today?'. She has assembled a curated collection of painted wall precedents on

    Previously Johanne was Director of the AAS and BFA Interior Design Program at Parsons. Johanne holds a Master of Architecture from Columbia University and a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Rhode Island School of Design.  In her practice she has worked in residential and commercial interior design, including projects for New York University's Stern School of Business, Rallye Motors' Rolls Royce and Mercedes Benz Dealership, University of Pennsylvania Club in Manhattan and the Bank of East Asia. She has a longstanding commitment to sustainable design in architecture and interiors. This interest began many years ago, working to incorporate alternative energy proposals for a residential community located on the west side of Manhattan. In addition to her 'White Box / Black Box Design' Johanne Woodcock's design research of the interior is explored through a series of paintings which can be viewed at the publication 'How We Live In and Create Interiors'. Johanne has exhibited her paintings most recently in the  July 2018 juried exhibition Small Treasures at the Inverseness Art Center in Cape Breton where she was selected by Ray Cronin as one of two Juror's Choice. With this Award comes the opportunity for a Simultaneous Solo Exhibition in August 2019. Additionally Johanne has exhibited at Henry Street Settlement, in their Silver Exhibition where she was invited to participate and a solo exhibition at the Hopper House Gallery, New York.   As Director of Parsons AAS Interior Design, Johanne edited the annual publication, 'WORK', which showcases interiors by AAS students and faculty.   'Work 9' ,titled ' Just Spaces' and earlier archived issues can be viewed at

    Johanne Woodcock, working with colleagues and student research assistants, are exploring ways to expand the conversation on the interior with a curated archive of interiors and related work. Johanne is the Founder and Creative Director of this website:

    The goal of the INSIDE INSIDE website is to organize a resource platform for the study of interior spaces. We are committed to the notion that interiors deserve critical study; inclusive of all elements that together create habitable space. This site aims to support a deeper appreciation of how we compose the spaces where we live and work.With access to historical, global and speculative examples, this interactive digital archive encourages the understanding of comparative and multi-cultural aesthetic norms that are inevitably expressed through interior composition.


    Degrees Held:

    Master of Architecture, Columbia University

    Bachelor of Fine Arts, Rhode Island School of Design

    Professional Affiliations:

    Founder and Creative Director:

    Recent Publications:

    Editor, Work 9, ' Just Spaces' https//


    Research Interests:

    painted walls, color, ornament, interiors, architecture, drawing,interior design,painting, spatial design studies

    Current Courses:

    Color, Ornament & Environment (Spring 2021)

    Hard Materials and Finishes (Spring 2021)

    Studio Lab: Textiles/Materials

    The Color of Space