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    Jonathon Rosen’s work revolves around permutations and extrapolations of bio-mechanical and carnivalesque. His work in many ways engages with the machine aesthetic of modernism and the the ever-merging of humans and machines. As a printmaker, Rosen worked with Jean-Michel Basquiat on his print editions and silkscreen paintings. In Tim Burton’s Sleepy Hollow, Rosen contributed drawings as seen in the Ichabod Crane (Johnny Depp) journal. His work has appeared in The New York Times, Snake-Eyes, Rolling Stone Magazine, Time Magazine, CNN, Psychology Today, McSweeney’s, Eye & ID magazines. Record and CD covers include composer/producer T-Bone Burnett’s recent double LP The Invisible Light (2019), which released with performances by Rosen doing live video reprocessing of his animation work. Rosen’s work has been exhibited at the EYE Film Museum Amsterdam, Exit Art NY, PS.1, Adam Baumgold Fine Art, NY, Luzern Institute for Art & Design, Switzerland, and La Luz de Jesus in LA. Jonathon Rosen was co-author and co-designer of the oversize monograph Fantasia of Color in Early Cinema (AUP 2015). His artist books The Birth of Machine Consciousness and Intestinal Fortitude are in the collections of the NY. Metropolitan Museum, MoMA, the Getty Research Center and Yale University Library.

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    Collab: (Spring 2020)

    Core Seminar 2D

    Core Seminar 4D

    Core Seminar 4D (Spring 2020)