• Profile:

    Leigh is an artist and educator working in a variety of media.  Navigating the complex line between voyeurism and empathy, her work is both deeply personal and anthropologically rich, often stemming from an all-consuming curiosity about a specific person, community, or place. The subjects of past work span all corners of the human experience, from the devoted brothers of a dying religious order, to the residents of a Brooklyn YWCA, to the inhabitants of a rapidly gentrifying neighborhood in Washington, DC.

    She has received funding from the Brooklyn Arts Council, The NYC Department of Cultural Affairs, and The Santa Fe Art Institute.  Her photographs have been published in various publications including, the New York Times Magazine, New York Magazine, and the Washington Post.  Davis teaches photography, media, and community engagement practices in NYC.

    Current Courses:

    Integrative Studio 1

    Integrative Studio 2 (Spring 2021)