• Marie Genevieve Cyr

    Assistant Professor of Fashion Design


    Marie Geneviève Cyr is an Assistant Professor in the BFA Fashion Design program at Parsons School of Design. She has an MA in Visual Culture/Fashion Theory from New York University, a BA in Design and Applied Arts from the Edinburgh College of Art and a degree in Fashion Design from the College Marie-Victorin.  Her work has been exhibited internationally. As an educator, Marie Geneviève values the importance of developing research methods that drive innovative cross-disciplinary design practice via 2D and 3D investigation. She pushes the students to develop their own personal intellectual expression through unique non-linear approaches.


    Research Interests:

    Her research explores the intersections between national, rural and urban identityies, examining the politics of abstract desire, hyper-realistic landscape, and the notion of fantasy.  Today, giant hyper Malls all over China, are connected to the distribution of fake “stuff”.  These commercial emblems have become an integral part of China’s visual and social landscape.  The confection of fake goods using western brand images(logos), has grown for centuries to become an abstract superstructure of falsely branded lifestyles and design integrity. The rise of hyper consumerism gave China the ultimate opportunity to create a new identity for itself.  

    Current Courses:

    Design Studio 1

    Thesis 1