• Profile:

    Marie Johnson is an educator, lecturer and a consultant, specializing in merchandising and consumer behavior, “Why do people buy”? Performance in the following fields of retail and the apparel industry with concentrations in: buying, store operations, marketing, merchandising, sourcing, product development, manufacturing, promotion, and advertising. Marie’s merchandising concepts emphasized “a differential advantage” and appearing in trade, local and national publications, and television featured interviews. A career that was employed by internationally known retailers, an entrepreneur of apparel manufacturing and a partner to Lester Hayatt, a noted designer that introduced” fashion camouflage” and accomplished some of the most innovative concepts to fashion in the US and international markets.

    Marie is a retired educator: CUNY, SUNY and the New York City Public Schools. 

    Collector, Exhibitor, Supporter and Contributor to the Arts:

    Patron – The Polk Museum, Lakeland, Florida(2016 – present)

    John and Mable Ringling Museum of Art (2018-present)

    Ringling College of Art and Design(2020)



    Degrees Held:

    M.S. Education, Touro College, NYC 

    Graduate Courses in Education, New School University, College of St. Rose, Albany, NY

    B.A. Education / Psychology, Howard University                      


    Performances And Appearances:

    Exhibit at Ringling College of Art and Design

    Research Interests:

    Marie spends much of her time:

    Developing curriculum to advance growth of industry programs

    Viewing and updating research and resources with emphasis in developing and emerging markets 

    Mentoring former students are at the forefront of her interests and activities.  

    Supports and is an active participant to art and educational philanthropic events.



    Current Courses:

    Consumer Behavior (Open Campus)

    Consumer Behavior (Spring 2020)

    Consumer Behavior (Open Campus)