• Profile:

    Mayya Cherepova’s experience in the industry spans fashion design, textile design, graphic design, illustration and software training. Her design experience includes companies such as: Banana Republic, Ralph Lauren and Calvin Klein. In addition to designing for other brands, Mayya started her own studio offering trend consulting, illustration, textile design and other collection development services. She is currently working on developing a size-inclusive slow fashion brand working with artisans in rural India.

    As a designer, educator, and entrepreneur with extensive fashion industry experience and a wide range of interests, Mayya offers her students ways to connect fashion explorations, design thinking, sustainable systems, art and technology. Her passion, knowledge and innovative approach to teaching help students thrive in an environment that is unique, challenging and collaborative. Mayya teaches with an emphasis on iterative design, value-based decision-making and self-directed learning.

    Mayya currently teaches at Parsons School of Design and participates in other educational projects as a guest speaker. Current and past courses she has taught include:

    Design Studio (Collection) 1 & 2

    Design Studio (Systems) 2 & 3

    Digital Visual Communication 1 & 2

    Visual Communication Studio 1 & 2

    Digital Flats & Specs

    AAS Fashion Industry

    Research Interests:

    Zero-waste approach in historical garment construction

    Sustainable systems in fashion manufacturing

    Jungian archetypes in marketing and personal style

    Role of visual culture in communicating with international artisans

    Essentialism in design and decision-making

    Fashion inclusivity as a feminist idea

    Methodology of gentle activism


    Current Courses:

    Design Studio 4 (Spring 2021)

    Visual Communication Studio 2 (Spring 2020)