• Profile:

    Megan is a design strategist, systems thinker, and group facilitator who uses transdisciplinary methods to interconnect individuals, professional teams, communities, and governmental organizations by leveraging the opportunities that emerge from creative and participatory practice. She's developed projects with a cooperative of women coffee farmers in Colombia, engaging in speculative future forecasting and self-representation; as well as with indigenous artisan women weavers in Guatemala, designing a system that allows for more cultural agency and autonomy. She's also been fascinated by issues of aging, the end of life, and exploring the senses and the non-conscious for closer social connectedness. Megan believes deeply in a holistic, inclusive, and systems approach to strategic design.

    Megan's academic background is in Transdisciplinary Design, Cultural Anthropology, and Animation. Professionally, she's held positions at NASA Goddard's SVS studio as an Earth Science Illustrator and has taught English for many years in Concepción, Chile to university and professional students. She's also been an academic administrator and has volunteered as a public performance stiltwalker in Baltimore, MD.

    Degrees Held:

    MFA Transdisciplinary Design (Parsons, NYC), BFA Fine Arts: Animation with minor in Art History (UMBC, Baltimore), BA Cultural Anthropology (UMBC, Baltimore), Professional Diploma in Leadership and Coaching (Universidad Adolfo Ibañez, Santiago)

    Research Interests:

    thanatology, pedogogy, group connections, resilient communities, participatory action, feminist studies and perspectives, speculative future design, using bottom-up strategies for greater social change

    Current Courses:

    Information Visualization

    Information Visualization (Spring 2020)

    Senior Project 1: Capstone

    Senior Project 1: Capstone (Spring 2020)

    Senior Project 2: Capstone (Spring 2020)